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Sponsor News: New VFS Campus and A Video Reference Tool for Animators

Our thanks to the Vancouver Film School and Rhino House, two of the companies that sponsor Cartoon Brew:

Today the Vancouver Film School (VFS) announced that they will open a new animation and visual effects campus in August of this year. The facilities will be located in the 106,000-square foot space in Vancouver’s Gastown neighborhood that previously housed the Storyeum theatrical experience:

After $4.5 million in renovations, phase one of this new state-of-the-art VFS campus will open to students in August. Every classroom is designed to optimize the learning experience by giving students access to high-powered software, including the leading render farm management system, as well as more studios and lounge areas to foster collaboration and synergy between VFS’s programs. The space’s many groundbreaking features include a 280-degree green screen studio and a new fiber network.

The Animation & Visual Effects portion of the facility is 42,000 square feet, double the size of the current campus, and provides students with two 72-seat theatres, editing suites, sound studios, a customized life drawing room, three design studios, and much more.

They’ve posted some photos of the under-construction space on their Facebook.

Rhino House is an online video reference library for animators. It has a custom player that offers a host of animator-friendly features like bookmarking key frames, onion skinning, slow motion, frame-by-frame scrubbing, thumbnailing, masking, guidelines and grids.

Their Facebook page offers videos of animators discussing how they use video reference, like this clip featuring DreamWorks animator Jason Ryan:

  • Kevin

    This…isn’t news. This is an ad. I’d love a review of the Rhino House site though.

  • MarkusL

    Isnt almost every news example about animation, some kind of ads. :)

  • Daniel

    Now VFS just needs to upgrade their curriculum to tach the new online schools. Having attended both I can say VFS isn’t worth the money for animation.

  • Bruno

    We all know vfs is merely marketing. With this new expansion they have more seats to rip off more people. what a brain wash.

    • AmidAmidi

      Did you attend VFS? It’s quite unhelpful to make such a strong comment without explaining why specifically you feel this way about the school.