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The Month That Was

Cartoon Brew month in review

A lot happened in the animation world during the month of October:

The Hub, a new partly animation channel debuted and Amid believes it represents a symbolic shift ushering in a dark new era in TV animation.

We broke the story about how the first female director at Pixar, Brave‘s Brenda Chapman, was replaced by Mark Andrews. A lot of people had something to say in the comments.

Rocky and Bullwinkle and Crusader Rabbit creator
Alex Anderson died, but Bambi production designer Tyrus Wong turned 100 and bad boy director Ralph Bakshi turned 72.

The largest North American animation festival took place in Ottawa for the 34th year, and one angry French-Canadian woman hated every moment of it.

Pepe LePew is CGI and so is Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Toronto police officer, Adam “Bubbles” Josephs, sued YouTube over animated parodies of his bullying behavior.

Jerry doesn’t know how much more he can take of Robert Zemeckis’ mo-cap fetish.

The creator of Pocoyo is developing a new series called Doomed.

Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time launched its second season with a stellar episode called “It Came from the Nightosphere!”.

Donald Duck met Glenn Beck.

Glen Keane sold dog food early in his career.

Banksy “directed” a couch gag opening on The Simpsons.

  • Is this a new feature? If so, I like it!

  • You caught how Brave no longer has a female director, but missed how Kung Fu Panda 2 has gained one. Positives are important too!

  • I like this idea, as well, if this is a thing you’ll do every month. I know Oct was ripe with stuff to talk about but it’s nice to have a recap since I missed about half of these stories and half of those I ended up bookmarking (=


  • This monthly wrap up is very nice.
    Would it be possible to do a year-end one as well?

    (The first one would be tricky, but after you’ve got 12 monthly wrap-ups, the future year-end features should be a snap!)

  • Tory

    Great, I like this and you also just reminds me I wanted to say I am excited about the Hub and think it is great that we now have TV station that plays some older TV shows, we need more of those.

  • You’re mentioning Epic Mickey in the same sentence as the CGI Pepe Le Pew film? Wha?