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Welcome to Cartoon Brew 2.5

Welcome to our updated look. As the title of this post implies, this is not a complete overhaul. Rather it’s a refresh of the existing site. We liked the site we already had (designed by Also) so we asked designer and tech guru Rob Kohr to retain the core of that design while enhancing functionality and adding new features. Some of the additions are:

* View Posts by Author: This gives you the option to read posts by a specific Brewmaster. Once our guest Brewers start adding content, you will also have the option to view their specific posts.

* Guest Brewers: This is among our most exciting new additions. We’re making an effort to bring new voices to the animation conversation by inviting some of the art form’s leading figures to blog alongside us. We chose our guest bloggers based on the following critera: people (a.) who have made significant contributions to the art of animation; (b.) who we both respect and admire; (c.) who are interesting and have something to say; and (d.) who have never blogged before. We couldn’t be more pleased with our first trio of Guest Brewers: Linda Simensky, Eric Goldberg and PES, who respectively specialize in TV, Feature and Short Films/Commercials. All three of them are extremely busy so they won’t be posting as frequently as us, but we look forward to hearing from them whenever they have a chance.

* Enhanced Search: All search results now load chronologically in a handy Cartoon Brew-formatted page, instead of redirecting to cumbersome Google link pages.

* Event Listings: A handy guide to upcoming animation-related events is now available in our right-hand column.

* Related Posts: On each individual post page, there are links to additional posts on similar topics.

* Weighted Tags: The sizes of the tags are now dynamically proportional to the amount of posts in each category. So now you can see which topics we write about most frequently. We are also in the process of adding new categories to help make navigation easier.

* Cartoon Brew TV: Our most ambitious new feature, Brew TV, is still in the works. This will launch on September 15. We’re truly excited about expanding the Cartoon Brew name and we think you’ll be too once you see what we have in store.

If you run across bugs or if something isn’t working the way you want, let us know in the comments. We’ll be tweaking the site throughout the weekend to get it right.

Thank you to all of our faithful readers who visit and support Cartoon Brew. We love this art form, and we’re thrilled to be able to share our passion with people who feel just as strongly about cartoons as we do. Together we will continue to lead the animation conversation. Enjoy the new site!

  • Charlie

    Its slightly different!

  • Sounds like some good stuff coming. Especially looking forward to the guest bloggers.

    Just so you know though – the Brewmasters thing with your names on it have always been a bit funny on my browser (IE 7 I think, on a laptop) – the names are never aligned in the box and still aren’t. As far as I can see, the site is run by RRY BECK and AMID AMIDI. That could well be more about my browser than your site but just thought I’d let you know.

  • Ooh… fancy!

  • Alexandra Cronkite

    I like the touch of weighted tags. I find them to be extremely helpful. Great job.

  • great choice of guest brewers, definitely looking forward to their posts. thanks for keeping the brew awesome!

  • Dan

    So, whatever happened to Cartoon Brew Films? It seems to have disappeared completely.

  • Keith Paynter

    First of all, welcome aboard to the newest brewers. Looking forward to CBTV, as those of us who are too far away miss CB Films and the Cartoon Dump online shows. CB is the “good cop, bad cop” of the animation blogosphere – keep it coming.

    (P.S. there’s definitely a formatting issue with that ‘Brewmasters’ box – You can see the missing text when highlighted by dragging the mouse…Ah, HTML tables…)

  • Nifty.

  • FP

    Can’t say it looks a lot different.

    You should check your logs to see how many FIREFOX users visit the BREW. Most FIREFOX users have ADBLOCK PLUS installed, sometimes with optional filtersets. I have that setup, along with custom filters, so CARTOON BREW looks like THIS.

  • I follow your site for my interest in animation and cartoons, and the updates sounds good — although they are more of the technical part. But I guess to run a good working website they are required also. Thanks to your design team and the tech guru. Thanks again for the content.

  • Mr Helpful

    Hey, Bitter… same thing was happening to me, so I cleared my browser’s cache (not History, but the cache) and everything is fixed now.

    Hope this helps!

  • mike r baker

    What FP said.

    I have Firefox and looked none too good. I decided to see what it looked like in IE and it looks great! But I don’t use IE. Looks great in the new Google Chrome browser though.

  • readersahoy

    I have the same box cutoff problem in Safari-weird. A lot of readers use macs, fyi.

  • david

    is CBTV gonna be different from CBfilms? or is it new and improved CBfilms?

  • Elmer

    “If you run across bugs”

    I’ll let you know when I see him..

  • Mr Helpful

    Again, to you Firefox folk up there… Try deleting your cache. I’m running Firefox with NoScript and doing so fixed my strangely cut-off boxes–my display looked just like FP before I did it.

  • Yay Cartoon Brew! Looks great!

  • Kat

    This “Brew TV” thing sounds pretty sweet…..

  • Stanislav

    It’s a matter of time until Cartoon Brew becomes a full-fledged broadcast network!

  • ridgecity

    Excellent! looks nice without those giant rehauls most websites like to do.

    maybe you can add some of the film festivals that accept animation around the world to the “coming up events” since there’s a ton of stuff we rarely get to hear about…

  • The site looks great, can’t wait to read the the stuff by the new guest contributors.

    Keep up the good work fellas.

  • vvek

    dont like the tags part, the organised simple tag board was the best…bring it back pls..

  • mike r baker

    Looks perfect in Firefox now. Great work!

  • Danny R. Santos

    Does this mean we get to post some of artwork?

  • Danny R. Santos

    I mean our artwork

  • labyrinthbanner_a.gif

    Annoying as hell.

  • This redesign seems to translate to “everything is 3 times wider now”
    Oh well.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, Mr. Helpful. Unfortunately it didn’t solve it for me but it was worth a shot.

  • This really sounds promising (even a Twitter?? Nice!)

    I’m looking forward to the 2.5!

  • Also, Jerry and Amid’s comments are in red, which is actually really helpful.

  • amid

    David asked, “is CBTV gonna be different from CBfilms? or is it new and improved CBfilms?”

    There are similarities, but some of the major differences from CBFilms are that CBTV is FREE and we’re doing it on a regular weekly schedule. We’ll reveal details next week.

  • pspector

    Won’t load fully on IE6. Hangs my browser.