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Where Cartoon Brew Readers are From: 2010 Edition

With 2010 drawing to a close, I thought it might be fun to check our stats and find out which studios and schools have driven the most traffic to Cartoon Brew between January and November 2010. We published a similar study of reader traffic for a shorter period of time in early 2009. Since that time, our traffic has skyrocketed, and there have been a lot of shake-ups in the rankings.

Whereas in early 2009, Pixar was the studio network that visited Cartoon Brew most, today it is Disney, followed by DreamWorks. Viacom and Turner have also jumped ahead of Pixar in the number of their visits. All five of these companies have recorded visits in the tens of thousands, as has Blue Sky Studios. The schools that visit us the most are CalArts, Savannah College of Art and Design and Ringling. I limited the list below to entertainment and media companies that have generated at least 1,000 visits in 2010.

See the full list of companies and schools after the jump, along with more analysis of the numbers.

1. Disney Worldwide Services
2. DreamWorks Animation SKG
3. Viacom (Nickelodeon)
4. Turner Broadcasting System (Cartoon Network)
5. Pixar
6. California Institute of the Arts
7. Blue Sky Studios
8. Savannah College of Art and Design
9. Fox Entertainment Group
10. Ringling College of Art and Design
11. Lucasfilm
12. Sheridan College
13. University of Missouri
14. Starz Encore
15. Studio B Productions
16. Electronic Arts
17. Nerd Corps Entertainment
18. University of Southern California
19. Art Institutes International
20. New York University
21. Rochester Institute of Technology
22. Hallmark Cards Inc.
23. University of California Los Angeles
24. Fotokem
25. College for Creative Studies
26. Rhythm & Hues Studios
27. School of Visual Arts
28. Pennsylvania State University
29. Sony North America
30. Bowling Green State University
31. Microsoft Corp
32. NBC Universal
33. Ithaca College
34. Academy of Art University
35. Bent Image Lab
36. Blur Studio Inc.
37. Google Inc.
38. Ubisoft Entertainment
39. Apple Inc.
40. American Greetings
41. Sony Online Entertainment LLC
42. Curious Pictures
43. Minneapolis College of Art and Design
44. Brigham Young University
45. University of Pennsylvania
46. California Institute of Technology
47. University of Central Florida
48. University of Nebraska (Lincoln)
49. Amazon.com Inc.
50. University of Washington
51. Foote Cone & Belding Communications Inc.

There were many companies that had hundreds of visits throughout 2010 but fell short of the one thousand visits mark. Those include Hasbro Inc., Marvel Studios, Laika, Take Two Interactive Software, Scholastic, The New York Times, Activision, Rhythm and Hues India, Filmkameratene, and CBS Corporation. There are also dozens, if not hundreds, of schools and universities that have recorded hundreds of visits so far this year.

It’s important to point out that readers have accessed Cartoon Brew from 65,021 service providers this year. There are hundreds of other providers in between the companies and schools above, and tens of thousands below them. While the majority of our visitors come from outside of these companies and schools, a statistically significant percentage of our readership does come from the list above. In fact, I would be willing to wager that our animation studio and animation student readership surpasses that of any other publication on the Internet, animation-related or otherwise.

Because of our concentrated industry readership, our data often shows hiring and layoff trends at studios. Below are three charts to illustrate what I mean. According to these charts, Hasbro Inc. (The Hub) has been staffing up since last summer, and Marvel Studios did a lot of hiring in October. Meanwhile, our readership from Laika has tumbled. The Laika chart, which dates back to January 2009, shows the magnitude of the post-Coraline drop-off. When they were fully staffed, we used to have hundreds of monthly visits from them; today we are down to just a few dozen.

  • Wow. Thanks for sharing Amid. The range of your readership makes it pretty clear that Cartoon Brew is the website of choice when it comes to animation. :)

    • Charles – at a quick glance, I don’t notice any studios or schools from outside the U.S.

      • Sheridan College and Studio B are both located in Canada. Electronic Arts and Ubisoft are multinationals, so some of their traffic is coming from outside the U.S. Both have facilities in Canada and Ubisoft’s headquarters are in France.

      • skid

        Nerdcorps Entertainment is also a Canadian studio.

  • A.C. the actress

    Wow, DreamWorks in the number two slot? This definitely explains why so many white knights come out of the wood work whenever DreamWorks is criticized.

    This is interesting information. I’m wondering what these percentages are exactly though. How many readers outside of these schools and companies? You said the majority, but is that 60%, 70% or what? I feel like being told about percentages but not what they are is kind of a tease.

  • laika person

    Laika has about over 150 people on production since September. I think most of us are too busy to browse internet. Most artists at Laika are stop motion artists, and we don’t have computers around to check blogs on the small free time we get. We work everything on hand and on stage, not in front of a computer like Dreamworks artists.

    • amid

      Laika person – What you point out is correct, but apparently a lot more people had access to computers in 2009 because we were getting hundreds of monthly visits at the time. I’m glad to hear there’s still plenty of artists working there.

  • Alan Cook

    The analysis of Laika based on your traffic numbers is incorrect at best.

  • I predict tomorrow all these companies will send the same memo: “Attention employees. Get back to work.”

  • laika person

    Hey Amid, have you been to Portland or Laika? I think you should come visit. I’m sure Laika would love to give you a tour, but not sure how much you get to see. But come after the holidays. Portland is a beautiful city even in winter.

    • amid

      Laika person – I visited the studio the last time I was in Portland in 2007.

  • With all the game companies on the list (I work at #41), it would be great to see more video game animation discussed here (besides mocap bashing or Epic Mickey plugs).

    • I second that!

      Well, I don’t work in gaming, but I do see lots of nice game animation out there.

  • Chris Sokalofsky

    Interesting, my company came in at 17. Unfortunately, I don’t think any of the shows we produced have ever made it onto the brew. Then again, low budget saturday morning CG cartoons have never been a big attention getter on the brew. Still, plenty of readers, apparently!

  • Geneva

    My (recently-turned-alma-mater) school made it onto 30. I think I may have been like 30% of those hits because I’m such a compulsive browser, haha.

  • SCAD student here, and glad to see we’ve moved up one spot from 9 to 8 this year (even more glad to see we’re still in the top ten). I know I check this site everyday as part of my daily internet browsing routine. I really enjoy reading the posts and comments here as they are always insightful. Thank you a lot for the great posts and info.

    • Rob

      Surprising to see SCAD up there, usually we struggle to stay on the map at all. Its frustrating to see so many great films come through here, so little being from scad, but then see this mass influx of viewers on the site.

      I’m not complaining about which films are featured, rather that out of a school as big as scad, we constantly have our butts handed to us by smaller schools with a (debatably) stronger animation dept like SVA. As a grad, I’ll agree I’m just as much to blame, but it still hurts to see.

  • If I’d known there were so many animation enthusiasts in Missouri, maybe I’d have stayed there!

  • curious

    I wonder if “Starz Encore” is actually Film Roman &/or Starz Animation Toronto. I think all the internet is filtered thru the HQ in Denver.

  • How about us USPS Electronic Technicians here in Omaha? ;)

  • laika person

    Thee are more than 100 people on the commercial side of laika too right now. Maybe you guys should have covered the Planters ad campaign.

  • Jim

    Nice to see that my Alma mater (University of Washington) made the list again. It can do better than number 50 though; come on!

  • Brad Constantine

    Thanks for posting this…Thanks to you, we have a forum that actually reaches many of the folks who make the big decisions in the entertainment biz. It’s nice to know that animators as a community still give a shit about content and quality,and where this business is headed.I would also like to see more info about animation in games in the future. Especially since it has surpassed the film business in annual revenue.Keep up the good work.