“A Krampus Carol” “A Krampus Carol”
Stop Motion

“A Krampus Carol”

This stop motion Krampus short, created by producer Michael Steed, visual effects producer Adam Lupsha and writer Anthony Bourdain for Bourdain’s Travel Channel series, No Reservations, was pulled from broadcast this week due to the recent Penn State scandal. Luckily Zero Point Zero Productions put it on You Tube for all to enjoy:

(Thanks, Yair Oelbaum)

  • James Fox

    Is that John Leeson from “The Space Gypsy Adventures” doing the narration of that thing?

  • Conor

    Is anyone else trying to figure out of how Anthony Bourdain gets a writing credit in what’s pretty much a straight forward folklore recitation? It seems like he’s basically getting credit for inserting a beer garden reference.

  • sigh

    Seriously, what’s the point? Awful story, not great stop-motion, and questionable message: if you fib Santa will fink on you and send a devil to rip off your arms and kill you. Not clever, funny, ironic or even interesting.

  • J.M.

    and I’m not surprised it is strong.

  • mrmambo

    Yeah, very disappointing. I was expecting something quicker and funnier with something “Bourdaine-ish” about it. Really no loss that this wasn’t aired. Clunky, unoriginal, and rough.

  • ScoJo

    Ew. No.

  • Peter

    I thought you said I’d enjoy that.