“Batman: Dark Knightfall” Trailer By Derek Kowk And Henri Wong “Batman: Dark Knightfall” Trailer By Derek Kowk And Henri Wong
Stop Motion

“Batman: Dark Knightfall” Trailer By Derek Kowk And Henri Wong

This fan-made animated Batman film uses stop motion toys that turn out to be just as emotive as the actors in the live-action feature films – maybe more so. Bravo to filmmakers Derek Kowk and Henri Wong.

  • I bet these toys didn’t even have to audition.

    • Henri

      Agree! but some actors come with bad acting because they have very limited poses.

  • D

    Wow this was pretty good. On par with the acting in the Dark Knight Rises. I’m actually more impressed with the sculpting on those toys they look almost like the real actors. I think I would like this more though if the animation were smoother, the quality feels really jerky to me.

    • Henri

      Thanks, we knew that there is problem on motion. Because this is my first time into stop motion, a lot of thing needed to improve. You can find the some shots are jerky, some are better because we’re learning the way making those toys movable for stop motion.

    • Henri

      We’ve just finished shooting part. You may find that the motion is still not prefect, but a lot better. Thanks for your comments.

  • Tom

    Are they using Twixtor to smooth out the animation? I always wondered what that would look like.

    • Henri

      yes, you’re right, but Twixtor works on some extreme close up with 2D-like motion.

  • Thems is some fancy play toy dollies.

  • Bob

    MUCH better than Dark Knight Rises, which is one of the pretentious, risible pictures I’ve seen in years. Bravo to the animation team!