Dreadlock animation Dreadlock animation
Stop Motion

Dreadlock animation

Not letting anything go to waste, stop motion animator Jessica Bayliss made this stop-motion pixilation documenting the last moments of her friend Lindsay Nack’s lovely 5-year-old dreadlocks.

  • Matthew Winslow

    Freaking Amazing!!!

  • i thought the klezmer track
    was perfect for this
    DREADful film!

  • Pretty crazy cool.

  • This was an interesting exercise but it didn’t do much for me. No real story to speak of – things just happened. A) It should have been much shorter. B) There could have been some kind of story about the girl battling her dreadlocks. Instead, things happened. She seemed to be enjoying herself, then cut her hair.

    I thought the Klezmer track didn’t work at all. From a technical standpoint, there were a hundred places where the action could have synched with the music beats to produce a stronger effect.