<em>Goodbye</em> by Nick Childs <em>Goodbye</em> by Nick Childs
Stop Motion

Goodbye by Nick Childs

Animator Nick Childs just finished this dream-like, semi-abstract, stop-mo music video he’d been working on during the past year.

“It’s a stop mo piece that the folks at LAIKA/house in Portland Oregon were kind enough to give me some space on the stage to shoot. It’s for the band Eulogies, off their 2009 album Here Anonyomous. The song is called Goodbye. As I recall from back in my school days it may considered kinesthetic animation. I see it as a stop motion piece with a minimal style that fits with the song, hopefully.”

  • squirrel

    If emulated well, this minimalistic style could seriously cut down on costs!

  • tom

    Nick, good job.

  • nick childs

    Thanks for the kind words Tom

    For anyone interested in the “how it was done” stuff… None of the puppets were shot on set. I shot the bg plates and then matched the lighting for the puppets on a frontlight/backlight set… The heads and hands are actually life size paper mache sclupts while the puppet is about ten inches tall. So it was a lot of separate passes that I scaled and comped. That may sounds like a silly way to do something like this and I agree but… I had to change horses in the middle of the stream a few times. At first I was going to comp live action people into the sets but.. things evolved… then I was going to shoot live action people and replace their heads and hands with the paper mache sculpts and then… well… I changed horses again and went with no live action. It was actually quite refreshing to be able to make big creative changes during the project. The band was receptive to change which made them fantastic to work with. That was certainly a big plus.

  • grahaeme

    that is gorgeous. i love the pacing contrast between the characters and the more abstract elements.

    beautiful sets and props as well.