“Gulp” by Sumo Science “Gulp” by Sumo Science
Stop Motion

“Gulp” by Sumo Science

Gulp is a short stop-mo animation created by “Sumo Science” (Ed Patterson and Will Studd) for client Aardman Animations. The film has broken a world record for the “largest stop-motion animation set”, with the largest scene stretching over 11,000 square feet. It was shot frame-by-frame on location on a beach in South Wales, using the camera on a Nokia N8 smart phone. But even more inspiring than the film itself (embed below) is the making-of video (click here).

(Thanks, Craig Yoe and Simon Acosta)

  • Sat

    By the same people who made the smallest stop-motion set (Dot)! I like how both are somewhat similar in style.

  • Well that was pretty much AWESOME.

  • I am one of the animation students that had the honor to work on this project :)

    (and I’m also the fisherman on the boat during the “huge sand fish eats the boat” scene :D, it’s been GREAT!!!)

  • looniINmiami

    Pardon my French but that was effin awesome!

  • Really, really, really, really COOL!

  • Blasko

    Riccardo, great work! I’m excited — 2012 is going to be the Year of Stop Motion (Part II) with three major features (The Pirates!, ParaNorman and Frankenweenie) already set for release. Take THAT, Mayan calendar!

  • Justin

    Not to big of a fan of stop motion. But this was amazing. Well done.

  • e

    very very awesome.

  • Aaron

    If you have to make a point of showing how you did it to make it interesting maybe you’re in gimmick territory. Pirates looks great though!

  • That was cool… but WILL IT BLEND!?!?!

  • How come they shot something in Wales in the open air and didn’t rain?

  • wgan

    is that all really necessary?

  • High-Fives!