Jim Henson Animating Jim Henson Animating
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Jim Henson Animating

Short, silent, but priceless color footage of Jim Henson working at his animation stand in Bethesda, MD around 1961.

(Thanks, Floyd Bishop for the tip and the Henson Company for posting the film)

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I’m at a loss for words here!

  • Wow, and right here in Montgomery County!

  • Very cool. Obviously some sort of cutout animation. I’d suspect it would be for a title sequence.

  • What was he animating? Is it available to view online?

  • It’s odd to see him without his full, iconic beard. Such a candid feeling shot. I often wonder what awesome projects he’d be up to these days.

  • I almost didn’t believe it was him until he faced the camera at the end…