<em>Kuky Returns</em> <em>Kuky Returns</em>
Stop Motion

Kuky Returns

And now for something completely different: A trailer for a new Czech film Kuky Returns, an odd mix of stop motion, live action, and puppetry. Don’t ask me to explain what’s going on…

(Thanks, Elle Schneider)

  • This looks fantastic! The Czech have a long and rich tradition in the production of quality animation with innovative solutions. Thanks Jerry!


  • Mr. James

    My best guess at the plot looking at this trailer is that a little boy loses his favorite stuffed animal (bear?) and then its journey back to the boy involves a lot of screwed up mess of woodland creatures involving a lot of rocket powered soap-box racing and snow. It looks like a Muppets movie if the only supplies the Muppeteers were allowed to create with was found objects from a dump. I kind of like it and would like to see a dubbed trailer!

  • Bob

    this looks really cool

  • Great… now how am I supposed to get to sleep tonight?

  • Tim Brown

    That looks absolutely amazing!! I hope it gets a domestic release….

  • Adam C.

    Where’s the stop motion? It looks 100% puppetry to me.

    Looks interesting, though. When I think puppets in film, I don’t recall any with puppets quite so tiny.

  • wow, that looks really cool. reminds me of labyrinth. it’s good to see films remembering the charm of real, touchable characters that don’t rely too heavily on the cg. where the wild things are makes great use of both, balancing cg and computer animation well. this film seems to be doing the same. i hope we can find it with english subtitles.

  • This is the best thing you’ve posted in months.
    Love it.

  • Man, I’m really diggin’ the feel of that one!

  • Holy moly! This looks amazing! Y’think that’s green screen puppetry goin on? Man.. I can’t wait to see this movie.

  • Tekena

    So, what is going on here Jerry?

  • I love the playful look of this! Puppets as puppets, and not some slick, over-produced CGI version of puppets (cough-cough-NINE-cough).

    Any news on whether a subtitled version will be available?

  • Looks like Jim Henson’s Labyrinth (sans Bowie) combined with Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are. I like it.

  • Mike Johnson

    Looks utterly fantastic!! It’s as if Jim Henson’s spirit has taken up residence in Jana Sveraka’s body…and I’ll bet dollars to donuts that Henson would totally dig this!

    I hope it gets onto video here in America, as I’d love to immerse myself in it!

  • It’s worth noting that the film was directed by Jan SvÄ›rák, who is essentially the “Martin Scorsese” of the Czech Republic. In fact, one of his features, Kolya, won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film back in 1996. I’ve seen a number of his other films, including Dark Blue World and Empties, both exceptional, but I think this is his first to incorporate animation.

  • Dave Knott

    That looks AWESOME!!!



  • pizzaforeveryone

    yes please

  • stumpyuncle

    Stop motion? HA! Reminds me of the days when the press thought Harryhausen was glueing rubber wings onto live cats and Rick Baker in a monkey suit was a NASA-built giant walking robot.

  • Wow, it looks rad!

  • steppo

    The production designer on this is named Tomas Dvorak who designed the really nifty flash based Samorost games – as well as Machinarium (my favorite).



  • Tomas Dvorak worked on this? Sold!

  • Looks so much FUN! A combination of the Muppets and stop motion.

    I love the look of marrying live action w/animation. It’s a shame there’s not more of these types of “original”(*not sequels) films.

    Kuky for Prez!

  • @adamc @stumpyuncle I was told the film features stop motion … perhaps this is a plain lie, or just not evident in the trailer. Regardless, it’s awesome!

  • FP

    Where was the stop-motion? I think I saw evidence of hidden rigs and rig removal.

    Looks nice, anyway.

  • Vzk

    Cool. Looks like a 31 Minutos character lost in the world of Blur’s “Coffee & TV” video.

  • agree with Florian Satzinger.The Czech have a long and rich tradition with that things and childrens love them. Pity that other children did not see that thins.
    They also have many live action fairy tales.

  • ‘The production was intended to last only 30 days, and stretched on for 100’ according to Aaron at Lineboil. Welcome to animation Mr SvÄ›rák

  • Caspar the friendly executive

    Those Czechs are so.. Czech – and we should all be greatfull for that. As well as the strong animation tradition they also have even stronger traditions for puppetry and being a bit disturbing, and this looks like a wonderful blend of all three. Two knitted thumbs up.

  • Wow, I love it!!

  • Arman Iranmanesh

    Here’s a (badly) translated summary of the film:

    Kuky Returns is the story of a boy six Ondra, who suffers from asthma, and so on “health reasons” must be off his favorite toy – a pink bear Kuky. When mom Kukyho throw in the trash, it will work Ondrová fantasy in which experienced Kukyho adventure in an unknown natural world. It’s really just a dream a little boy or kuky actually went to the biggest adventure of his plush life.

  • FP

    So it’s a sort-of remake of Ladislas Starevich’s DUFFY THE MASCOT?

    Get THE MASCOT, free:

  • I want to go to there

  • FP

    There’s a longer version of THE MASCOT, claiming to be uncut, also a free download:

    The Mascot – Complete and Uncut (1933)

  • GhaleonQ

    I thought of The Mascot, too, but between Tomas Dvorak (huge graphic adventure fan here… GO SIERRA!) and Jan Sverak, this is a must-see.

    “Kooky’s Return is a combined puppet and live action feature based on a
child’s fantasy. A seven year old boy whose teddy bear Kooky has been
thrown away wonders what his toy is up to in the big world out there, imagining 
Kooky as he tries to find his way back home.

    Pristine nature imagery and live action puppets gives the fantasy journey a charmingly naive, handmade quality.”

  • I’d also like to see this. It’s nice to see that they’re not hung up on lip syncing and just letting the visuals tell the story.