“Laufzeit” by David Seidewitz and Florian Tscharf “Laufzeit” by David Seidewitz and Florian Tscharf
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“Laufzeit” by David Seidewitz and Florian Tscharf

Laufzeit (Runtime) is a stop-motion short created by David Seidewitz and Florian Tscharf at Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University in Germany. The film offers a clever depiction of the interdependency between two “hands” of a watch. Although not entirely successful as a film, the message is clear enough, and the filmmakers are ambitious in their use of cutting, staging and sound to get their point across.

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  • Stephen M. Levinson

    I agree with you there Amid. I think the models look brilliant but the choppy animation was a bit distracting. I really like the idea, I think it’s VERY clever.

  • lola

    This was awesomely creative. Well done. Love the character designs and the sound effects.

  • I kind of wish the time/money consumed to do a crappy 2 hour movie was spent to do stuff like this. I wouldn’t call this THE short, but it’s cleverer than any other movie out there.

  • Bit short in terms of animation, but still cleanly executed…and what beautiful puppets!