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Stop Motion

“Luminaris” by Juan Pablo Zaramella

This brilliant piece of stop motion/pixilation from Buenos Aires-based Juan Pablo Zaramella was on the Oscar shortlist last fall. Visually clever, funny and sweet, it’s now online and worthy of your attention:

(Thanks, Jason Sondhi)

  • It is very well-made.

    But it makes me a bit depressed…

    It ends will though!

    Yeah but… It did’nt make me laugh.

    We want to put a SMILE on peoples faces!

    /The Happy Club

    • Peter H

      Well it made ME smile, all the way through! So many happy conceits – from the sunlight as a travelater to to the idea of blowing electric light bulbs. A properly surreal look at working life, with a happy ending – what more could you ask?

    • Whaaaat! The ending made me grin like a fool! There is no part of this film that is in anyway depressing. How did you find it depressing?

  • AJ

    That was quite enjoyable. I love how cotton-wool is always used for steam in stop motion.

  • Mike

    Terrific!! Been waiting to see this!

  • JWLane


  • Beauty! Gracias for this, son unos capos.

  • Derik

    Superb! and very inspirational!

  • Receveur

    Love it. I smiled at the way all the characters were following shadows on their way to work. And I laughed out loud when the light bulb popped out of the guy’s mouth.

  • sasha

    this was fantastic, i absolutely LOVED it. the way they made the light bulbs was so cute after seeing that i had a big stupid smile on my face for the rest of the short.

  • Rachel Gitlevich

    I’m sorry, this has to be said. This film brightened up my day!

    • This was incredible! The exterior timelapse pixilation shots must have been a tedious feat to accomplish.

  • John

    This should have been atleast nominated

  • Awesome :’D Loved the glasses thing

  • It must be so nice to have reliable weather…

  • Bodahe

    The video is asking me for a password to watch it. Apparently it’s a private video. :(