Magic Hat Brewing: <em>Vinyl</em> Magic Hat Brewing: <em>Vinyl</em>
Stop Motion

Magic Hat Brewing: Vinyl

I figure a blog named Cartoon Brew should report on anyone who combines animation and beer. Thus, Magic Hat Brewing Company in South Burlington, Vermont, just released a new beer this week, named Vinyl. The intro to the beer on their website is done in stop-motion, old school style. Not sure who did it, maybe in-house, but thought it was cute and kitsch – and worth 45 seconds of your time.

(Thanks, Cousy Kane)

  • Lou

    “I figure Cartoon Brew should report on anyone who combines animation and beer. ”

    Don’t forget about animation and drugs . . .

  • Rob

    What about that stop-motion-y blue moon commercial that came out a while ago?
    Didn’t catch that one on here.

  • Ah, isn’t that the “new” Tinkerbell? Is Disney going to let them get away with using their ugly fairygreengiant (thanks, JohnK!) to sell beer? I’ll bet it goes over as well as the Australian Ho White beer ads, or whatever tyhey called her . . .

    I love Magic Hat #9, so I’ll be on the lookout for this variety to try.

  • Mike Johnson

    I like it! It is happy and whimsical and oh so charming. Certainly the best 45 seconds I’ve spent today!

  • FP

    Old school! Feels “real”. Enjoyed it.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Like the use of the Fisher-Price phonograph player! We’ve all played our scratchy kiddie vinyls on them back in the day.

  • Cousy

    FYI- Magic Hat’s art department did it all in-house

  • I hope it doesn’t taste the way the name of the beer implies…

  • Steve Price

    Nice. Can’t wait to get this at my fav pub. Big fan of Magic Hat’s #9 as well.

  • Sounds scrumptious!

  • My pals in Columbus say indeed, it was done in house by the folks in Vermont. . .

  • ShouldBeWorking

    MMMM. A beer named after a petroleum bi-product.