“N.Y.C. (No York City)” by Rick Liss “N.Y.C. (No York City)” by Rick Liss
Stop Motion

“N.Y.C. (No York City)” by Rick Liss

“N.Y.C. (No York City)” by Rick Liss is a deliriously energetic pixilation tour of early-Eighties New York, where crime was rampant and mimes infested Central Park. A lot has changed since then, but the city’s relentless, wired bustle remains thankfully the same. The jarring electronic score, an inspired auditory complement, is by Laurie Anderson.

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  • jordan reichek

    thanks for posting…

    that was a nice concentrated NYC everlasting gobstopper!

  • That was great! Really loved the soundtrack, & vintage NYC imagery.

    And for the opposite environment, be sure to check out to the Appalachian Trail pixilated film by Kevin Gallagher.

  • that was really cool and electric in it’s feel. I loved all the rollerskaters too, buzzing about Central Park.

  • GW

    That was beautiful. I really like pixillation and wish that somebody managed a feature length film of nonstop pixillation.

  • Vincent

    Crime in the 80’s wasn’t rampant. That was more the wild 70’s,
    thanks for sharing the tour.

  • This is a cool movie! However, it is time-lapse not pixilation. Look up pixilation on Wikipedia or something.

    Here is an unusual pixilation film I made from the same era that demonstrates the technique.