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“Nanny McPhee Returns” Titles

The Submarine Channel posted a nice, in-depth Making Of interview with Paul Donnellon of Voodoodog, about his stop-motion end credit sequence for Nanny McPhee Returns (aka British title Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang). The interview sheds some light on the sometimes difficult working relationship between a movie director and the title designer – especially if the director is unfamiliar with the stop-motion animation process (which was the case here). But what makes this article special is the exclusive inclusion of 2 animatics, storyboard sketches and images of the paper models. Check it out here.

  • Really nice credit sequence!

  • VoodooDog consistently produce excellent work and this is no exception. Glad we can watch these works separately though – Nanny McPhee really doesn’t look like my kind of film. I guess I’m outside the target age range a little.

    Well done to Paul, Noel and whoever else make up the VoodooDog team.