“Pingu’s The Thing” by Lee Hardcastle

What if Swiss claymation star Pingu met John Carpenter’s The Thing? Animator Lee Hardcastle provides the answer:

  • Baron Lego

    That was pure awesome.

  • http://woweh.com Kelly

    That…is amazing.
    In every possible way.

  • http://www.theanimatorproject.blogspot.com hiradot

    OMG genius!!!

    pure LOVE

    only, they didn’t imitate the DAM-DAM music so well.

  • Patty OC

    After having been forced to watch those annoying hooting penguin cartoons for several years while babysitting my nieces (along with the equally horrific Caillou), I found this to be extremely hilarious and very cathartic.

  • http://www.classicparamountcartoons.blogspot.com ParamountCartoons

    I liked it! Really cool!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    This certainly OUR medicine for those times we had to play babysitter in front of the tube watching this with our tots.

  • Karim

    A gem!

  • Liesje

    A wonderful way to waste some time! Loved it!