PREVIEW: Tchaikovsky Short by Barry Purves PREVIEW: Tchaikovsky Short by Barry Purves
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PREVIEW: Tchaikovsky Short by Barry Purves

World-class stop motion animator Barry Purves is currently working on a short about Tchaikovsky that’ll debut later this year. The film’s cameraman Joe Clarke created this spellbinding time-lapse of Purves at work:

Whilst working on the film I shot this series of time-lapses with the help of students. Instead of just leaving the camera to click away at set intervals, we manually took a frame in synch with the frames Barry was taking as he animated, showing the puppet moving at his intended 25fps, almost!

The stills from the short that Joe has posted on his website are also mouth-watering. I’m eagerly anticipating this one.

  • tomm

    a master at work

  • Barry is certainly one of the true artists in animation today. Thanks, Amid, for locating this time-lapse film; very revealing. The stills are also glorious. Nice to have something to look forward to.

  • Barry Purves is not just a great artist, he is a brilliant actor.

  • Mike M

    Wow I’m so excited for this short, I remember watching Barry Purves short films in college. That guy has such craftsmanship. A short about Tchaikovsky sounds interesting as well. It will have a great soundtrack!

  • Mic

    Barry Purves = LOVE LOVE LOVE

  • Great to see this content. Do check out my interview with Barry Purves in the most recent edition of UK based animation magazine IMAGINE (



  • Barry Purves visited our Uni some years ago but at the time he was working on episodes of Postman Pat, Fifi and the Flower Tots and Rupert the Bear, and he wasn’t all that keen on it and said he wanted to get back to a project he would enjoy. Gad to see he’s back to doing exactly that by the looks of it.

  • Animus

    What if we’re all stop motion puppets, and every nanosecond God steps in to change our poses?

    • GW

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  • tonma

    this is fascinating, in really gets you the idea of how much it takes to make a nice smooth stopmotion movement happen. Thanks!

  • Rosa

    Possibly the coolest way to make a teaser for a stop-motion film.

  • paolo

    Barry Purves “pixillated”…
    I remember when he was in the jury in Lucca a couple of years ago and gave a workshop on stop-motion. He is a great music lover (as you can guess from his films) and used to spend his time free from his duties as a jury member by listening to afternoon concerts in some church.

  • PJW

    Why no Sleeping Beauty Waltz? :( But, that still is pretty epic…

  • I have posted a teaser for Barry’s film ‘Tchaikovsky – an elegy’ at and a very short review at

  • Barry Purves

    Thanks guys for all the great comments….do look out for the film, and Plume, at festivals near you. Yes I do love Classical music and what a joy to work with tchaikovsky, especially after visiting his last house, and touching the piano and such. There is some Sleeping Beauty in the film but I did not use the waltz as the main theme as it was hard to edit into smaller chunks, and I like the idea of the alter ego of the swans – that was more essential to the plot than sleeping beauty. And, oh, I did not not enjoy working on tV series, I love doing them, especially the chance to have a variety of plots with the same characters, but it is good to strike a balance between commercial and more personal projects. But I’m afraid I treat both as if every frame counts….as indeed it does.