Stop Motion Freud by Cesar Coelho and Luciano do Amaral Stop Motion Freud by Cesar Coelho and Luciano do Amaral
Stop Motion

Stop Motion Freud by Cesar Coelho and Luciano do Amaral

When done well, the tactile quality of stop motion is one of the true joys of animation. I can’t take my eyes off of this beautifully articulated and brilliantly caricatured stop motion animation of Sigmund Freud created by Rio de Janeiro-based Campo4 Studio. More impressive, Stop Motion Works suggests that the animation was achieved primarily through low-tech means with no jointed facial armature mechanisms, computer printed facial masks, or cable controls. Bear in mind, there’s a few wires and greenscreens in the video above because the animation was later composited into a TV mini-series called Afinal,o que querem as mulheres?, a show that I know absolutely nothing about except that it’s better than anything on American TV.

  • Rapaz

    I’m Brazilian and that last link didn’t make a lick of sense to me. As for the stop motion, it seems almost uncannily realistic at times, that I forgot I was watching an animation. Amaral has a real eye for showing those subtle nuances in body expression.

  • Mic


  • Mike Johnson

    The animation here is really just unbelievable! All animators are artists by definition, but in this clip Luciano do Amaral shows that he is an artist of the very highest order. The fluidity of his work just astounds me. Not to in any way downplay what others have achieved with stop motion, but can you imagine how much more amazing something like Nightmare before Christmas would have been if they had taken the time to achieve this level of realism with the characters? I am sure they would probably never have gotten the studio to give them the amount of time (or money!) to do it as well as this anyway. Still, it is intriguing to think about a full length feature done with this level of skill. Maybe someday, eh Luciano?

  • jordan reichek

    absolutely stunning…

  • Wow, my fellow country man did an amazing job on this piece. I never done stop motion animation but I know how hard it is to achieve something like this.
    Fantastic job!
    Parabens, Luciano!

  • Alice Sutor

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  • Chris S

    The eyebrows, wonderfully bold and expressive!

  • Luciano do Amaral

    Hi,I’m Luciano do Amaral.
    I want to say thank you for the comments and remember about a very important name: Cesar Coelho,from Campo4 Studio in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil.
    He was the Director and Creator.
    I just made the animation and the puppet.
    We worked like a team and the result was beautiful.
    I’m so glad that you liked!!!!!

  • The subtle hand and hair movements are really fantastic. Amazing work!

  • Liev Borissevitch

    check out other two works for Luiz Fernando Carvalho, the director of “Afinal o que querem as mulheres?”:

    “Pedra do Reino” titles

    “Capitu” titles
    and the making of: