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Stop Motion Matinee

For those enjoying Fantastic Mr. Fox and all others who might want to catch up on the history of stop-motion animation, I’m happy to announce the release of Stop Motion Matinee from my friend Tom Stathes. This is his first professional release through his Cartoons On Film website. It comes complete with beautiful packaging designed by the infamous David Gerstein and produced in collaboration with Ray Pointer of Inkwell Images. This DVD collection is an exploration of early stop-motion animated films and includes high-quality transfers of these historic classics:

The Automatic Moving Company (Bozzetti, 1912)
Revenge of the Cameraman (Starewicz, 1912)
Dinosaur and the Missing Link (O’Brien, 1917)
Chip in the Land of Whiz (Kinex Studios, 1929)
Creation (O’Brien, 1931)
and concluding with Starewicz’s surreal mini-feature masterpiece, The Mascot (1933).

Read a full description, complete with synopses and images, and see a video trailer on Stathes’ blog. For ordering info visit

  • Thanks for the plug, Jerry—what did I do to deserve my infamy? Here’s wishing some on Tom and Ray, too (in the best possible way, of course!) for this exciting collection.
    Along with the classic stop motion shorts, you get a few classic music hall-era songs on the added soundtracks. Listen for “Oh! By Jingo” backing up Starewicz’s REVENGE OF THE KINEMATOGRAPH CAMERAMAN.

  • Charlie Judkins

    Good ol’ Tom

  • What…about….the….George Pal Puppetoons???

  • Arnold Liebovit owns the PUPPETOONS held by the Pal Estate. The others may still be owned by Paramount and others. But that is not the scope of this program, which centers on earlier stop motion works as the packaging clearly desribes.

  • FP

    Synchronicity! I just read this entry, and then I popped over to’s discussion forums for the first time in weeks. STOP MOTION MATINEE is being discussed there by both Mr Stathes and Mr Pointer.

    If you’re interested:

  • I’ve been following this guy for a while. He’s a true animation nerd, in the best way.

    The kind of guy who visits buildings where Van Buren (or was it Charles Mintz?) used to be, and posts videos of it on YouTube.

    Speaking of nerds, I think he knows the Angry Video Game Nerd, or is a friend-of-a-friend.

  • FP: STOP MOTION MATINEE is not the subject of discussion in that link, but the debate of certain assumptions regarding Public Domain films. I hope everyone will come to appreciate Tom’s new release. Let’s support one of our younger enthusiasts, folks.