“To Die By Your Side” by Spike Jonze and Simon Cahn

Midnight in Paris: a stop motion Book Revue? Embroidered handbag designs by Olympia Le-Tan inspired director Spike Jonze to make this animated short, Mourir Auprès de Toi (To Die By Your Side). The film, co-directed by Simon Cahn and animated by Sylvain Derosne, made its debut out of competition at Annecy last spring.

(Thanks, David Zweig via Nowness)

  • http://pitchbibles.blogspot.com Steve Schnier

    WOW – That was great. Weird little movie. Brilliantly done. So much emotion and expression in those little felt faces. Loved the credits at the end.

  • http://www.segaltoons.com Steve Segal

    It’s about time the classic Warner Bros books come to life idea was updated.

  • http://[email protected] Oscar Grillo

    I still believe that “Book Review” is vastly superior!

  • tredlow

    That was really good! Though you really should put an NSFW warning on it on account of all the boning.

  • Adam

    Animated by Leonard Cohen??!!? Let me just check google to see if its the same one…

  • akira

    so dumb! why did that chick want to blow a skeleton in the first place? i guess she’s got a thing for the undead.. glad to see stop motion, but sorry to see it’s wasted on this lame story

    • michael

      right. how terrible to make something silly and fun.

  • http://www.electricegg.co.uk Neil Baker

    I Agree with akira – looks beautiful but is very much style over substance for me. Weak story with a beautiful execution.

    Will be watched by thousands though because its Jonze.

  • http://www.FredtheMonkey.com/ JK Riki

    Very interesting. I’m not quite sure what I think of it.