“What Do Dogs Dream?” by Gabriela Fernández “What Do Dogs Dream?” by Gabriela Fernández
Stop Motion

“What Do Dogs Dream?” by Gabriela Fernández

Artist/animator Gabriela Fernández from Buenos Aires, Argentina, started this spacey little stop-mo short in 2008 and it’s been on her computer all this time, until today – when she decided to post it online. And I’m glad she did.

  • N W Smith


    When I get home today, I’m gonna hug and scratch my dog.

    I do that every day when I get home, but I’m going to be thinking about this video when I’m doing it today, and every day, until something better comes along to take it’s place.

    Which should take a VERY long time.

    We need to “social media” Turner Classic Movies to put this in as a filler piece. It richly deserves to be between good movies.

  • I wished I was also visited by the fairy dog mother ;)

  • MAT

    Buenísimo! Me dieron ganas de tener un perro!

    (translation: Great! I wanted to have a dog!)

  • Zeus

    Love it!