2bajillion 2bajillion

“2 Bajillion A.D.” by David Ochs

How do you top your freshman student film when that film is the impressive Who’s Hungry? Now a sophomore at CalArts, David Ochs posted this clip from his latest project called 2 Bajillion A.D. According to the video description, it represents “what I have finished so far for my second year film at CalArts.” Ochs uses a decidedly different style from his earlier short–I sensed some Gorillaz influence in design and motion–but it is no less impressive with skillful filmmaking, characters that act naturally and believably, and well-observed, nuanced animation. Somebody pull this kid out of school and give him his own studio–he’s more than ready to take over the animation world!

(Thanks, Celia B.)

  • Really, really nice!

  • whaaat. can i be him when i grow up? more awesome work, big ups mr. ochs.

  • Looks good so far. Besides being a really good short, I could see this develop into a web series. I can already see its target audience.

    • Isaac

      A web series seems like a dim prospect for something of this caliber.

  • FP

    It looks great. I’d like to see more.
    But I don’t “get” it, being a lifelong non-partying hermit.
    It’s like watching the cantina scene in STAR WARS. Alien.

  • Abe

    I don’t know if he’s a savior as much as Amid wants him to be but (can you say pressure?) but I’m pyched to see his films. Keep rocking it out Ochs!

  • “skillful filmmaking, characters that act naturally and believably, and well-observed, nuanced animation.”

    I agree . Who could ask for anything more ?

    Eager to see the rest of it.

  • Mark

    “I can already see its target audience.”

    What audience would that be?

  • It’s encouraging… it looks real good… but I hope it’s going somewhere.

  • schlomo

    Pixar got him.

    • Sam

      Makes me wonder if Pixar is planning to do horrifying animation of little kids being murdered, or highly suggestive adult nature work or something in the near future. Will David Ochs be happy at Pixar where they do cars with eyes?

      Seems like he really need to start his own studio. David is talented, but way too talented to be working for others. His works aren’t family friendly, at all. He is better off running his own shows or feature movies.

  • Aaron

    Someone likes Robert Valley’s Massive Swerve I’d guess.

  • Eric Drobile

    Gorgeous animation! Sometimes I wished the outlines were a bit thinner, or maybe in a color other than black, but outside of that I was totally hooked.

  • incredibleJeff

    This looks great it reminds me of that MTV show Downtown.

  • Andrew

    Yes. What David needs is a bigger ego. Keep up the praise Amid, lets see if we can make his head explode!

    • david

      is that andrew gordon? hey buddy!

  • Steve Sues

    It blows my mind that not only is this guy only a sophomore, but it’s not even freaking October yet and he already has two perfect minutes finished. I can’t remember the last time I could relate to a character like this, and its depiction of a college party is pitch perfect, free of cliche and close attention to detail.

  • Wow, BEAUTIFUL work!

    Great acting, great drawings… the style
    works really nicely with the story.

    Can’t wait to see the whole thing!

    Talent! :)

  • clueless

    Oh man, what’s the point in even continuing this animation thing…shi-

  • Rufus

    It’s amazing. I’d love to see a feature length movie done this way. But Amid, calm your over-excited hormones down a little. :D

  • Get this guy on MTV’s “DOwntown”!!

    He could improve on that show’s animation!

  • Reminds me of a 90s animation series on MTV,
    was it called ‘Downtown’?

    Great stuff here..

  • I am a student as well, and I don’t have any problem cheering on other students work. Great job David

  • Hal

    Looking forward to the final film a lot.

  • Haribo

    I can definately see the Robert Valley influence

  • Stephen Levinson

    You’ve made a mistake. David would have been a junior this year but didn’t come back to Cal Arts and is currently at Pixar.