“a.breeze.from.mt.Parnassus” by Vitaliy Strokous “a.breeze.from.mt.Parnassus” by Vitaliy Strokous

“a.breeze.from.mt.Parnassus” by Vitaliy Strokous

Vitaliy Strokous is a name to remember… Here’s his second year CalArts film, an ode to noncomformity:

  • This is undoubtedly one of the best films from Calarts this year!

  • Sandriko

    good story and very nice animation style and colors indeed. congrats Vitaliy

  • Excellent work. That’s a very nice walk cycle his character has.

  • RPerkins

    Another ‘office employee tired of his every day working life’ animation.

    • Matt B

      I wish you could Thumbs Down or Dislike a Brew comment.

      It’s not simply the broad context of a story, its what you breath into it. And this one is full of life.

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      • dbenson

        The theme may be shopworn, but this offered surprises and laughs without being gimmicky. Especially like that the guy works and lives in the same building — wittily revealed — and that the payoff is light and funny instead of heavy-handedly wistful, ironic or whatever.

        Somehow I flashed to Laurel and Hardy trying not to giggle after being made to repent some childish mayhem.

  • Mesmerizing!
    Best “mise en scène” I´ve seen in a while. Everything has its purpose…
    Congratulations to Vitaly!

  • Iritscen

    Wow, fantastic.

  • doop

    Amazing in every way.

  • I love the illustrative rendering on the characters and backgrounds, real paintings in motion! It honestly feels like a picture book come to life! What a treat for me this morning, since i’m going to be abandoning the outdoors for the cold industrial library to get work done for my finals!

  • Nice little film. Strong story. Great design. Brilliant use of color to convey mood.

  • way to go Vitaliy!! Wonderful!

  • Man this is really great. Love that painterly look, and great job on telling the story with no dialogue.

  • Ron

    Beautiful. Really well done. How did he do it? Was it actually painted or CG made to look like paint? Some combination of the two? Again. Beautiful.

    • Matt B

      He details that it was “Animated in PS, AE, and Flash”.

      No 3D-CG, just good old 2D-CG. Who needs a dimensional workspace and vertices to be creative? Honestly!

      Well Done Mr Strokous! I loved your first year film StarSwept last year, and now Mt Parnassus just takes the cake! Beautiful and engaging stuff.

      Some of my favourite CalArtian Animators and their Films from ‘recent’ times have been:
      Ian Worrel – Tree Herder, Second Wind
      Nelson Boles – This one time…, Orfeu
      Jeff Liu – EAT
      Skyler Page – Crater Face
      Manny Hernandez – Drop’d

      I can go on and on, and there are many more that are wonderful and probably others that I simply haven’t seen.
      Whatever the student culture or creative drive currently going on at CalArts, I hope you guys make the most of and sustain it in making your future films.

      Good On ya CalArts Anim Students!

  • This is great.
    Paint technique is killer.
    Each frame is beautiful.

  • tim

    Reminds me alot of “Mt. Head” by Koji Yamamura :)

  • I second the Mt Head comment, but this definitely has a visual style all of its own. Would like to see what this creator can do storywise, as the visuals are already there for me.

    Great work.

  • yes!

  • Martin

    Great painterly look and subtle animation, …
    and a special mention for the very very nice soundtrack. Excellent support for the movie and on its own (I played the movie a second time without watching just to listen).