“A Kaffa” from Supinfocom “A Kaffa” from Supinfocom

“A Kaffa” from Supinfocom

Another great film from the French CG university Supinfocom. A Kaffa is the graduation project of Joan Baz, Lionel Caruana, Margaux Demont and Bastien Martin and deals with tyranny, megalomania and a people’s revolution.

Ruling a land based on a coffee plantation, a megalomanic leader is overcome by paranoia, as he predicts the future of his empire by reading the marks in his coffee cup. He is shadowed by an illusory second self that visits him, warning of an exterior threat. Succumbing to his alter ego, he builds a fort around his people who finally rise up against their ruler.

  • Wow .

  • Iritscen

    Finally made the time to watch this. It’s a shame this post didn’t get more feedback, but I liked it. The story would have been pretty hard for me to follow without the helpful “about” text, but the art style is distinctive and a good choice for the subject matter. The short is pretty thought-provoking, too. Why do people in power isolate themselves from their subjects, and why do subjects rebel against their leaders? It’s food for thought given the current situation in certain countries.

    • Thank you for your comment . We made this movie a year ago not knowing it would be an actuality today . Its always motivating knowing it provoked thought in people even though it stays an amateur student film .We wanted and needed to say something and were glad it got out there .

  • Matt

    Beautiful work!