“Blueberry” by Glenn  Williamson “Blueberry” by Glenn  Williamson

“Blueberry” by Glenn Williamson

One of my favorite films from last nights Cal Arts Producers Show was Glenn Williamson’s funny, touching look at parenthood and dentistry, Blueberry:

  • Aww, so sweet! This kind of reminds me of my mom. She still call me “buggy” even though I’m twenty yrs old, but I love my mom and I thank her for her love.

  • Opus carmichael

    it’s ok, but I’m really not inspired by this. The voice of the kid is doesn’t seem to fit him and sounds just like the mother’s voice with just a little more base. The soundtrack doesn’t really fit. Nice animation style, but the supporting elements lack chemistry with the overall animation.

    • Francis

      Incredible Job Glenn! I personally feel that the music works perfectly and the voices were alright. But the story was so entertaining and had so much heart, that i completely forgot about those things.

      My family and I enjoyed it.

      We play that last song for our children when we pick them up from school and all they scream out is blue berry.

  • Slater

    I’m liking the shorts that are coming out of CalArts but the quality of animation is getting too much towards the south park end. If I were an animation student and submitted a reel to one of the big 3 studios for employment, I think they would dismiss the work. Now this is just judging the animation quality and not story or layout.

    • Current CalArtian

      Your blanket generalizations aside, this particular film obviously prioritizes story over animation. Glenn is a story guy and is aiming for a story job. The animation here serves the story, not the other way around. There are plenty of animation centric films coming out of CalArts. Not all of these end up in the producers show, so sometimes you have to search around a little bit – some of the best ones from this year aren’t even online yet, but they will be soon.

  • Evan

    Speaking only about the story it was succinct, entertaining and, best of all, it KNEW WHEN TO END.

  • Christopher Smigliano

    Nicely done, but the kid looked way too young/small to be thirteen.

    • Bob Nelson

      I noticed that too, but it could be kind of creative license, or maybe it’s “my mom thinks I’m a little kid still, even though I’m 13 now” and it’s kind of how she perceives him.
      There have been cartoons where the characters seem a little too short–the South Park kids are maybe 8 or 9 but seem only about 3 ft tall. And if you saw the intro to “What’s New, Mr Magoo?” you’d hear the lyric: “You are a man of stature/ In your hat, you’re 5 foot 3”.
      “(Five ft) Four,” Mr Magoo corrects the singer. He seems quite a bit shorter than that, though, over the years…

  • CC

    Cute story (and some fun animation in there too)- it’s just… I wish they didn’t use those songs.