“Building Toss” by Jared D. Weiss “Building Toss” by Jared D. Weiss

“Building Toss” by Jared D. Weiss

A bear, a cat and a cyclops are tossing each other around…sounds like the setup to a crummy joke, but it’s actually this soundless animation loop created for a class assignment by School of Visual Arts student Jared D. Weiss. The only reason I’m posting it is because the animation made me laugh…five times in a row. It’s difficult to do goofy animation that is both awkward and well animated. Sesame Street director and Pixar veteran Bud Luckey calls it “dumb-ass animation,” and frankly, I can’t think of a better term. Whatever you want to call it, Jared does it quite well.

PS: If you want to make it even funnier, try watching with the Benny Hillifier.

  • NickA

    Great Stuff. :)

  • wow haha, i just came to the site to re-watch ‘The Terrible Thing of Alpha 9’ and I see my animation at the top and was incredibly confused… it’s actually quite shocking, I’m not sure what to say.

    Thank you though, I’d love to know how you came across it.

  • also, to those of you that want to watch it on an infinite loop, I have two different swfs linked in my blog post for this http://jdweiss.blogspot.com/2010/11/infinity-toss.html

  • Guz

    I… didn’t get it, really. :S

    Didn’t find it it funny at all…

    • i agree with you, i’ve been told it’s funny, but i dont know why.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I’m as depressed as that bird in the window right now, not because of this vid mind you, but that’s how I feel because it’s gloomy outside!

  • On the theme of addictive loops, here’s a couple from a coworker at squarei (hopefully Megan won’t mind me posting them here) …

    • kcmasterpiece

      Really got a laugh out of the aboe loops posted, not so much the building toss though…

    • funny but not really loops

  • Ryoku

    Well the animations decent, but I didn’t laugh either. Guess we’re ment to be taken off guard by one of the clones not landing on the building.

    • seriously, there’s no ‘meaning’. It was an exchange assignment for class, and I initially only had that, but then I was told I need to have some sort of before and after, so I figured out a way to get them on/off screen to keep it as a loop.

      as to why people find it funny, even i dont get that.

  • There are snobs in the California animation industry who have very narrow views of what is acceptable animation.
    Building Toss is fun, loose, and done in the spirit of Fleischer. There’e nothing “dumb-ass” about it.