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CalArts Looks East

Artwork by Phil Rynda and Fran Krause
Artwork by Phil Rynda (left) and Fran Krause

Two people doesn’t exactly qualify as a trend, but it’s worth acknowledging that CalArts’s character animation program hired two new teachers this fall who are East Coast-educated. Phil Rynda, the lead character designer of Adventure Time, announced last week on his Twitter that he’ll be teaching character design this fall. Though Phil has worked in LA for most of his career, he is a 2003 graduate of School of Visual Arts. Also joining the faculty is Fran Krause, a 1999 graduate of Rhode Island School of Design. Fran has been a fixture on the East Coast scene for the past decade, and combines a DIY filmmaking style backed with solid industry experience (including Superjail! and two pilots for Cartoon Network). He’ll be teaching intro to digital animation and film workshop classes. Both are unique artists who will surely contribute to the program.

  • Fran’s amazing!!! Congrats to him!

  • Yeah Phil! Wooo!

  • Yay! Congrats to Fran and Phil.

  • they are both AWESOME! Great things will come of this.

  • This is great news! I envy those students

  • Jorge R. Gutierrez

    There goes the neighborhood. What’s next, foreign teachers!?!

  • Stephen DeStefano

    Happy for Phil, and proud as hell of him.

  • Stephen Levinson

    I can’t wait to be taught by these guys in the fall! I love their work!

  • I’m excited to tell stories about humidity and what pizza is supposed to taste like :)

    Thanks for the post Amid. I’m honored to be able to work with Fran and the rest of the CalArts community.

  • Katie Cropper

    Fran is just a great teacher and filmmaker and I’m super happy for him, calarts just struck gold.

  • I hope Phil’s students are prepared for his 8 part lecture on the brilliance of “Ghost Dad”
    Congrats Phil!!

  • name

    this is great news.

  • Uncle Charlie

    We are very proud of you Phil

  • Those CalArts kids are lucky sons of bitches.

    • Stephen Levinson


      • Cuttlefish

        Me too. So excited. :D

      • Michael Piazza

        Me three!

  • Wow I remember a young phil visiting our old studio
    in Kilkenny as a student … And there he is all grown up and
    teaching himself! Nice one ! Best of luck with it


    sooper triple huge congrats, guys!
    can’t wait to have fran out here!

  • Looking forward to seeing how it will influence next year’s batch of films.

  • I’m sad to see Fran leave NYC. He’ll be missed here. Very excited for him though! Good call on CalArts’ part.

    His combination of industry savvy and artistic individualism and excellence (combined I’m sure with a great ability to teach), will make him a great addition to their faculty.

  • A.C.

    ARRGH-wish I could transfer to CalArts…can anyone tell me if they have an exclusive traditionial animation program? AI only had like three [2-d animation] classes-and there’s no interest in the 3-d stuff anytime soon-I’m taking a 3-d class now and it’s literally a struggle trying to get myself motivated enough (let alone the thought of paying $2,500 an hour for stuff I’m being pushed into taking). )-:

    • THUROP

      Yep, totally traditional… it’s a great program!

  • DC Smith

    Phil is the best! Those students are in for a treat, a really expensive treat.

  • Thanks, folks. I’m excited to be working with Phil and all the people at CalArts. Just spent this evening mapping out my UHaul roadtrip!

  • holyduck

    Good luck, Fran! Another artist taken away from NY!

  • calartskid

    hey amid,

    just curious, but wsup with all the east coast, west coast references in your posts? I can’t help but notice you have a chip on your shoulder about the west coast, especially L.A., but you feel the need that new york needs more acknowlegement? or am I reading in to your posts too much?

  • Sen

    West coast means CalArts, that’s all it means.

  • Hamas

    I really envy CalArts students….

    Fran Krause is really amazing artist !