“Cup of Tea” by Fernanda Ribeiro “Cup of Tea” by Fernanda Ribeiro

“Cup of Tea” by Fernanda Ribeiro

Brazillian animator Fernanda Ribeiro just graduated from the Vancouver Film School’s Classical Animation course. This is her Flash short, Cup of Tea, which features a nice sense of design and a fine sense of humor.

  • AC

    Really enjoyed that one.

  • Jerry, you had this Irishman at “Cup of Tea”. ;)

    Great short though and the designs are superb.

  • ya, visually looks awesome :D

  • Legal seu trabalho, Fernanda! Gostarias de saber como foi sua experiência nesta escola.

    (Cool work, Fernanda! I would like to know how your experience was at this school.)

  • Rick R.

    Very cool designs, and great ending! =)

  • Really like the character and background design.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    I wonder if I’ll start locking up like that when I get older.