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“Dream Giver” by Tyler Carter

Tyler Carter produced and directed this beautiful short at BYU’s Center for Animation. It features a sublime use of 2D and CG techniques with spectacular effects animation. The story is good too. For a behind the scenes making-of video, click here.

(Thanks, Aaron Ludwig)

  • J Hans

    Absolutely beautiful work! One of the best student films I’ve ever seen

  • MikeFromdaEC

    Stunning work! Saw this receive the student emmy in Hollywood last March. Really nice film and great direction

  • The Gee

    Everything I’ve seen out of BYU’s program impresses the heck out of me. That’s wrong on my part because it is obviously just a great program with a lot of talented folks going through it and running it.

    Congrats on it all.

  • John Andrews

    Pretty much leaves you speechless. What a team and what a fully realized effort.

  • Jane Doe

    I’ve been anxious to see this for a while now, and it’s better than I even anticipated! What a beautiful combination of 2D and 3D animation. This doesn’t even look like a student film.

  • Matt

    Thanks for posting this Jerry. What a gem.

  • Laura

    2D and 3D complete each other, I’d say this is one of the best efforts in this sense I’ve ever seen.

  • It seems that this is my buddies’ week here on the Brew, first Willie Real, now Ty. Love it!

  • Miranda

    Go, Tyler!

  • This is the most amazing and beautiful piece of animation I’ve seen. The use of 2-D and 3-D mesh together so well and the story is so creative.

    Congratulations, Tyler.

  • Matt

    http://vimeo.com/26914928 “Dream Giver” Behind the Scenes.

    Certainly not a small production by any stretch of the word. Beautiful work & very well developed. And just look at some of the amazing facilities & recourses that BYU provides. I certainly hope to see more great stuff come out of there.

    Some other facilities that appear to be really ramping up with some fantastic student collab projects of recent are the Irish School of Animation at Ballyfermot College, who’ve established Giant Creative. As well as The Animation Workshop in Denmark!

    Awesome folks all around the globe!

  • AniMazing

    Stunning and touching!

  • Arthur

    WOW!!! This is incrdible! Job well done Tyler

  • Great animation. Also thanks for the shout out Matt