“Drifters” by Ethan Clarke “Drifters” by Ethan Clarke

“Drifters” by Ethan Clarke

There are people who hate stuff like this — and then there are the rest of us. Ethan Clarke‘s wonderful and disturbing thesis film from CalArts:

  • Laurel

    [shrug]I liked it.

    Between this and Anthony Francisco Schepperd’s video for “Two Against One,” I’m starting to think animators are trying to send us a message about messing with the wrong deer.

  • Thatll make you feel something – best film Ive seen on here in a while.

  • Well done. Nice alternate universe.

  • John

    I really enjoyed this. Great work Ethan!

  • Wow! That was extraordinary! Loved the multiple views and rolling timeline.

  • That was wonderful!

  • GK

    The animated western is a genre worth exploring more and more. This is great Ethan!

  • That was hair-standing-up excellent

  • Official screening at the 39th Telluride Film Festival! Congrats again! Super awesome piece, deserves more awesome venues and film festivals!