“Drop’d” by Manny Hernandez “Drop’d” by Manny Hernandez

“Drop’d” by Manny Hernandez

Another impressive outing by a CalArts student: Drop’d is second-year effort by Manny Hernandez. One of the big reasons I’ve been so impressed with the CalArts Character Animation shorts in recent years has been the general shift towards simpler character design styles in which the students emphasize animation over design. This film is a terrific example of that.

  • Jim

    I have to agree that a design that is to convoluted is very hard to make believable and animate. You always see the more intricate designs in animation are usually never as fluid as the ones that have minimal detail. Honestly the atmosphere is great and remeniscent of Rubberhose animation. I actually thought that Cal Arts was full of hot-air saying that they were the leading animation school, maybe this will prove us wrong.

  • Great acting and movement! Really fun to watch.

  • Bud

    “I actually thought that Cal Arts was full of hot-air saying that they were the leading animation school”

    No–they always said they were the leading school for CHARACTER animation. And they still are. Though fun films come from lots of students elsewhere, too! Sheridan in particular, has some great character animation films. And Laguna College of Art and Design.

  • That was great :-)

  • I am speechless…simply wonderful…what a dark ending!

  • That was cool, but that papyrus font needs to die.

  • Stephen M. Levinson

    I liked it alot! Great twist! I’m glad CalArts has dropped their reputation for only having disney-looking animations. These past couple years films have been great!

    • PeteR

      CalArts couldn’t “drop” a reputation they never really intentionally created. That was the individual students choice–and the understandable evolution of the school.

  • Wonderful!
    And to me the story is a metaphor for the relationship between the big studios and its animators.

  • christy

    that was a great film! i really loved it.
    also-the music was great. for me music in animated short films is often way too ‘over the top’ but i liked this score and think it really worked well with the animation helping to heighten the urgency of the little creatures search.
    great film!

  • Dr.Truth

    Very cool!! What a great piece!
    Well crafted and a good little story!

  • Beautiful….

  • Dave Thomas

    What a terrific film. His first year film was a delight as well. I think Mr. Hernandez is someone we should keep an eye on!

  • Geneva

    Wow, REALLY wonderful stuff! Super cute bugs, nice animation, and I really enjoyed the colors, too. Great job, Manny!

  • Nice. Story made me sad though. ‘She giveth and she taketh away’.

  • Adorable story! I like the twist at the end. At first I thought the hands were of a god-like being, but it’s some big thing that wants to fly too.

  • m(_ _)m

    I enjoyed the short, but I thought it used way too much shaky cam. The music was pleasant though.

  • this film is so cruel.
    and that´s exactly why it reminded me of Maya the Bee


    and just in time for Mother´s day JOse Miel


  • again, great job Manny. So much genuine charm in this.

  • I quite like it. Sadly cruel and unpredictable. The facial expressions, plus swimming around in the golden droplet, feels very Ponyo to me.