“For The Remainder” by Omer Ben David “For The Remainder” by Omer Ben David

“For The Remainder” by Omer Ben David

Omer Ben David’s graduation project from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, in Jerusalem, Israel. For The Remainder takes a sensitive look at the last moments of a dying house cat, a moving (in every sense of that word) portrait made especially effective by the film’s almost abstract sketch and brushstroke style.

  • Beautiful work. I enjoyed the minimalist, textured, painterly feel. There is a real calm and melancholy mood to it which leads into the rain really nicely. It’s great to see a really painterly npr piece. It’s something I continue to develop in my work too. I look forward to seeing more!

  • axolotl

    That’s really cool, the brushstroke stuff is amazing and the cat motion is very evocative.

  • As a cat lover I’m deeply-touched by this sensitive production. Excellent work.

  • GW

    It was beautiful. I especially like the cat’s reaction around the spider when it was hit with the rain.

  • How wonderful. How refreshing to see silence animated. No words. No music. Barely any sound effects other than that of rain and breathing, and yet we witness such affection and contemplation from a single character. Plus, the abstraction of the design allowed me to form my own emotions rather than rely on the face of the character. And I certainly did react emotionally.