Glued_Promo_101912 Glued_Promo_101912

“Glued” from Bezalel Academy

A mother has to deal with her video-game addicted son. Created by four 3rd year students (Guy Elnathan, Alon Tako, Daniel Lichter and Sivan Kotek) from Bezalel Academy of the Arts, Israel.

  • Matthew Koh

    This is so much more darker than this one.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Something tells me the kid needs more than a mother’s intuition.

  • Rod Tramonte

    That´s one EVIL mom! O_O

  • Mike

    As a gamer who caused his own mother her fair share of grief in the same way while growing up, I enjoyed the premise of this short. However, I feel it needed to be longer or something–the story didn’t really have room to develop organically, so to me it felt like the climax/ending weren’t really earned. Nice visuals and VG references and some funny gags tho!

  • Those poor consoles brings a tear to my eye.

  • Carlos Herrera

    I loved the 8 bit animation style in the credits. The rest not so much.