“Grocery Day” by Tom Rainford “Grocery Day” by Tom Rainford

“Grocery Day” by Tom Rainford

Tom Rainford, a student at Winchester School of Art, makes some funny and stylish observations in Grocery Day. Bonus points for delivering in under one minute.

(via Lineboil)

  • that guy is great… go to his blog and marvel… yes MARVEL at his skills

    Hurray for this type of thing… I don’t know if I am correct but i suspect I see a little David O’Reilly influence in this grocery short

    • wow. beautiful work. thx!

  • Pablo

    Made me remember about Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s short film Foutaises, which basically is Dominique Pinon saying what he likes and dislikes. Love this kind of film.

  • Oh Those Bells

    This guy has a gift. If he gets out of animation, he’ll have a solid career.

  • Lovely stuff. Like a cross between Kristian Andrews and Johnny Kelly. Definitely going to keep my peepers on this guy.

  • Jorge Garrido

    It’s a terrific film, beautifully designed and animated, and while I see some stylistic similarities, I think it’s much better than anything David O’Reilly ever did.

    But what’s with the low-key alt-comedy Gabe Swarr style monotone voice over? I guess you could say it was indicative of his depressed outlook on grocery day, a sign of how much he doesn’t like grocery day, a sort of “ughhhhh…” mood, but I could have used a bit more showmanship, comic timing and energy in the voice over myself.

  • chippy

    awesome design! great little film.