“Hide and Seek” by Aminder Dhaliwal

Sheridan College student Aminder Dhaliwal created this sweet graduation film to complete her studies last year. She’s currently working as a Storyboard Revisionist at Nickelodeon Animation Studios. Her blog is worth a look too.

(Thanks, Dana Terrace)

  • Will

    Wow, lovely work. She will go far. I loved Me and my Labrador with the Doritos drawings.

  • http://hobsonproductions.blogspot.com/ Kevin

    Awesome film, Dhaliwal! That was a really clever origin story for the Loch Ness Monster.

  • http://erikbutter.blogspot.com Erik Butter

    cute and funny but i didn’t like the music :P

  • http://thequietly.com spookymeggie

    One of the best films of the 2011 class, no contest!

  • Dan Kyder

    Very awesome! Love the story

    Is the music some sort of royalty free track that people pick up somewhere? Fairly sure its been in a couple of student shorts already.. or at least a very similar one

  • http://dailygrail.com/ Red Pill Junkie

    So that’s how it happened! :)

  • Al

    opening reminds me of skyler’s film lol

  • http://www.elliotelliotelliot.com Elliot Cowan

    A lovely film marred by some After Effects technicalities.

  • Cody

    Same song as Crater Face, but not well used this time