“Hobo Love Mojo” by Eric Leppo “Hobo Love Mojo” by Eric Leppo

“Hobo Love Mojo” by Eric Leppo

UCLA student Eric Leppo‘s Hobo Love Mojo will make you go WTF. Or it’ll turn you on. We’re hoping for the former.

  • damn, i was so into that, i was ready to take that road trip man!

  • Thomas Hatch

    The latter!

  • Mongoose Jnr. III

    Make a movie!
    I’d go see it just to find out what happened to those chickens…

  • James Earl Jones

    I love the concept, its random and hilarious, but honestly the animation looks like its a first pass. I’m all for sexy lady walks and rumbling sex clouds in the bedroom but, for animations sake, not when they slide around with no physics (in reality sex clouds are good with or without believable physics). Tweens are good but not when they’re so distractingly obvious.

  • Great atmosphere. I used to watch NIGHT FLIGHT and LIQUID TV to see this kind of thing.

  • MORE, Eric, MORE!!!!!
    What fun. Lightening up and cutting loose, how liberating.

  • Melvin

    Mr. Leppo sure can set a mood. If he drew uglier he might sell a show to Disney.

    • Mike Luzzi

      Or to adult swim. Ugly is their “style”

  • WTFF!! (What the fucking fuck?) was that.

    animation needs a lot of work in my opinion. not to mention design and colour.

    Narrative was ok tho

  • I dig the rough-line backgrounds. Especially the couch.

  • Nic Orizaga

    well i’ll let my two year old daughter sum it up…”that was dumb” (after the explosion)…and then when the credits started to roll she excitedly shouted “It’s over!!”….

  • My favorite part was right after the last fade out.