“Honeymoon” by Vivien Risser “Honeymoon” by Vivien Risser

“Honeymoon” by Vivien Risser

An absolutely delightful retro-60s cream-puff of a film. Made by Vivien Risser at Supinfocom.

  • James Madison


  • Timesquared

    What was that quote at the end?

    I don’t understand French.

    • Erin

      It’s from a French pop song by Juliette Greco.

      “A little fish, a little bird
      Would love each other
      But what can you do
      When you’re in the sky?”

  • loonINmiami

    She would freeze in space without a space suit! At least give her some leggings or capri pants.

  • Michael

    Cute! Would’ve made a nice video for Don Fagen’s “The Nightfly” album.

  • Nicely done. Love the style.

  • Jeremy

    I would love to see more animation’s like this…

  • Rick R.

    Very sweet!

  • Bugsmer

    That was damned good! Their selection of songs really set the tones for this short cartoon. It’s always a delight to hear Dorris Day, especially when a woman is floating in Outer Space.