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“Lonely Dogs” (“Les chiens isolés”) from Gobelins

On an oil platform, a story of friendship between two workers is compromised by the insanity of one of them. This one is a little more subdued than the usual student films from Gobelins, but no less effective. By popular demand, the 2011 student project by Rémi Bastie, Nicolas Dehghani, Jonathan Djob-Nkondo, Paul LaColley, Nicolas Pegon, Jérémy Pires, Kevin Manach (much of the team behind last years music video Todor and Petru).

(Thanks, Wesley Louis)

  • Nick A

    I really liked this. Very atmospheric. Too bad it wasn’t a dry rig.

  • Tomm

    I’ve been raving about this to everyone since discovering it linked to mr.greedy yesterday

  • Philippe Tardif

    I absolutely loved it! I loved the designs, the colors, the simple but really effective animation and I really loved the story telling. The pacing is great,it’s nice and slow, but still captivating. Big congradulations to everyone involved!

  • who would have thought a piece of 2D animation could capture isolation and masochism this well. this is my favourite film from Gobelins, i also think they are very conscious of not putting any chase scenes in their films this year

  • Tim

    This is definitely one of the best films to come out of the school in years. So against the grain of the other films were used to seeing from the school. It has such a mature visual style. It’s like a moving comic. I love it so much.

  • Andrew


  • Damn, that was one of the best Gobelins films I’ve ever seen.

  • Karim

    Brilliant short film and so far my favorite from this school. The story’s clear for such a mature theme and designs are neat, congrats lads!

  • tgentry

    Wow, great stuff. Very Mignola-esque style and wonderful setting and characters.

  • alan

    Incredible. Who cares where it was made, one of the best short animations this year full stop.

  • Once again, I love this film. Mature and full of restraint. This isnt an animation showcase but a beautiful film and story that has been realised with aniamtion. Hats off you guys on an excellent job.

  • I was lucky enough to meet the filmmakers and to view this fine short when I visited the school a few weeks ago. I found the team to be an incredibly talented group of nice guys who work together very well.

    I was told that this film holds the distinction of being the longest film ever produced at Gobelins.

    Congratulations to all, I hope you can continue to work together as a team for years to come.


  • lanabone

    SImply the best!!!!!!

  • Eqal

    Doesn’t matter if it’s 2D, beans on sand. It’s good storytelling, regardless of technique.

  • From design to color to pacing it hit them all out of the park. It shows how a simple premise can lead to an amazing short film.

  • Mitch Kennedy


  • Really well done. Great storytelling and a rare piece with some human depth.

  • cbat628

    This is awesome! I love it!

  • Doug

    Sorry to say, but alot of the shorts I watch just don’t have an impact on me, they may be well crafted and made with alot of love, but they often are like candy – once the sugar high wears off you’re left empty.

    This short was different. I saw this a couple days ago and I’m still thinking about it. It doesn’t feel like a student short, it feels like a film. Well done!!

  • TracerX

    wow these guys always Amaze me. Well Done………..