<em>It’s Oppo!</em> by Tyler Chen <em>It’s Oppo!</em> by Tyler Chen

It’s Oppo! by Tyler Chen

Someone has issues with Nick Jr. – and that someone is Cal Arts student Tyler Chen. He works it all out here:

  • This brought a smile to my face :)

    And yes I watched the whole thing :)

  • That was amazing. I hope people don’t get put off by the abrasive first minute with the faces. After that first minute is an absolutely amazing cartoon.

  • candice

    That was freaking weird…

  • That was awesome!

  • that was genius

  • Roberto Severino

    That was really bizarre and hilarious at the same time. I’d love to see this on Nick Jr., seriously so kids all over America could have some sense knocked right into them. That clever commentary that Face provides is so true about children’s television these days. Basically, Face is your typical, greedy network executive.

  • erlab

    Nice n creepy. I wish he’d use better sound equipment to record his voice though- it may just be the room he was recording in.

  • Surprised no one commented on the “F-bomb” Face/Duck says at the beginning…wait, I guess I just did.

  • Tim Schuit

    Technically impressive animation ruined by very amateurish voice acting that becomes extremely irritating almost immediately. Also way too long. While I can appreciate the nice animation I skipped through most of it out of boredom.

  • When in doubt, take kid stuff and make ’em cuss! Hilarity!

  • At one point I wanted to go to calarts, but if this is what calarts students produce, forget that dream. Waste of time.

  • yeah, forget calarts! my flash cartoons beat the hell out of anything they’re capable of! VIRRAAAAL!

  • Getting paid to generate normative propaganda in the name of pro-social values and product placement is the best career that most talented Calarts grads can ever hope for, without the opportunity to express any of the irony and deconstruction in evidence in this fine piece of work.

    My estimation of the program at Calarts shot up a lot after watching this. Even though many talented mentors and co-workers of mine over the years have been through Calarts, it’s been hard to shake the lasting impression made by a Calarts grad who started his first job at Filmation, where I had to evaluate an inbetween drawing of Shera, Princess of Power, that he’d crapped out, that looked like Wilma Flintstone with a potato nose. By way of explanation, he offered, “I’m saving myself for Disney.” Tyler Chen’s work has restored my faith in the subversive power of animation, especially if it pisses off hacks who can only see the raw edges.

  • DrawEveryPokemon

    Judging from his first year film, Tyler Chen is a name to watch.

  • Leanne

    Well that was uh…interesting. The style of it reminded me of some sort of cross between Ren and Stimpy and Flapjack.

  • demoncat

    impressive and a little bizarre and a way to get out the truth about how the children cartoon industry is now run. felt sorry for Opo at the end when the face the souless exec wound up telling him he is his . plus loved the bit with Chester chetah this thing needs to be a series

  • FP

    It would be too cool if Wubbzy would eat Crunchy Thetan Doritos while wearing his DEVO electricity helmet

    Okay I watch it so what

  • Chris Webb

    I like it when animators have something to say.

  • i really liked this.

    “When in doubt, take kid stuff and make ‘em cuss! Hilarity!”

    Happy Tree Friends this is not. it’s a bit long, but it’s a goddamn student film. it belabors its point in a heavy handed way, but again, it’s a goddamn student film.

    did i mention the animation was charming and entertaining? which, for a goddamn student film, is impressive.

    four stars out of five

  • Would any of you transcribe the speech at the end? I couldn’t understand some parts. Bleep out the F-bomb if you want to.

  • Steve Gattuso

    That’s what Troy Queef calls “A dab of oppo.”

  • E. L. Kelly II

    Mr. Chen had me at the Frito-Lay product listing.
    Yes, his sound recording leaves much to be desired, but there was something about the cadence of the speech that stilled and soothed me. Knowing the patronizing style of lots of Nick Jr. programming, I got the parody in Chen’s short in less than a minute. I laughed.

  • Steamboat Bill

    Creepy stuff. Just out of curiosity why do kids think its cool to be weird these days?

  • Neal Patten

    Um, I love face. He brightened my childhood. Please don’t knock him. He should come back!

  • Mac

    Nice film. The animation was great as well as the textures but perhaps most of all I enjoyed the weird matrixy story.

  • The Kids

    “Creepy stuff. Just out of curiosity why do kids think its cool to be weird these days?”

    Whatever Gramps. Why is there always one random person being generalistic and short sited?

  • Sean

    “Just out of curiosity why do kids think its cool to be weird these days”

    What do you mean THESE DAYS?! The world of animation has been what “older generations” would consider weird for a long, long time. First, anyone who wanted to make a career in drawing pictures was odd.
    Blowing other characters up or shooting the bill of a duck to the back side of his head would be weird to many people as entertainment.
    Ever seen Ren and Stimpy? That definitely isn’t from “these days” and it is amazingly weird… and just plain amazing.

    I would much rather see weird, unique, and well done animation than watch the same old safe crap that many people put out because they are afraid to do anything out of the “norm.”
    People who are afraid to push the envelope are called executives, people who push it are artists (yes, that is a generalization, so if the shoe fits wear it).

  • \Holy shit, that wuz awesome.

  • Megan

    Tyler that was amazing! Great work


    All negative commentary serves your own ego with a sideplate of ignorance.

  • Jushy

    you asses need to lay off of him. you have no idea how much work and though went into this film. [email protected] jerks–it’s his student film for crying out loud, insulting his personal work the way you ignorant jerks have been is totally unacceptable and quite frankly, DAMN RUDE. so shut up and enjoy the show, and if thats too much to ask for then stuff your faces and move the hell on.

  • Michael DiMilo

    Intelligent, funny and deeply disturbing. Well done!

  • Oh Geezus. That was done PERFECTLY!..

    I love Nick Jr. but I throughly enjoyed this even more.

  • HeyHowdy

    When did it become a Calarts standard that students must focus on post production looks and dazzling colors, rather than spend time really nailing the animation? Or even the story? I didn’t attend any of the open shows or the producers show, but of the many character animation films posted online from this year, maybe two or three were simply pencil test or pencil test with some grey tone to add depth. What happened to the good old days (a couple of years ago) when films really had great motion and character and life? Isn’t that the point? It’s like someone flipped a switch down there and the illusion of life was changed to the illusion of flapjack. (I’m not hatin’ on flapjack, btw. flapjack is awesome). It’s as if the desperation for being “fresh” and “original” has forced students to believe that the only way to achieve this in their films is to make them about things like non-conformity, sexual insecurity, corporate downfall, the destruction of innocence. Not all films are like this, but you get my point. Just look at the films from the last three years. Why are they doing this? I’m all for trying new things and being different… it’s great in developing skills and widening your creative scope. But why are these films the way they are? It’s like they’re trying to make new joke, but they can’t think up the material, so they decide it would be cool to try and make a joke about cancer. In the end, the joke is not funny or entertaining at all….. I have a feeling that if students focused more on the CHARACTER ANIMATION, that there would be a lot more kick-ass stuff flying out of Calarts. This is my opinion.

  • this is some great work!