“Kahani” by Meg Park “Kahani” by Meg Park

“Kahani” by Meg Park

Kahani is short film created by student Meg Park in her final year at Dundee’s Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design. Park definitely shows talent in color design, effects and pacing – in some ways her making-of video is more inspiring than the finished film.

(Thanks, Erin Siegel)

  • Law

    how fun!

  • very nice… especially the BGs and effects. Good on ya Meg

  • Jay Sabicer

    Enjoyable little film. I especially appreciate the little details, like the dust motes from the light entering the treehouse window.

    One tiny nitpick – Tigers are OK with water, unlike most housecats. I couldn’t see myself chasing after one with a supersoaker and water balloons.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Eh, the guy needed an antagonist here, so I’ll let it pass! This was definitely very clever for a student project.

    • Paper Tiger

      but in this case it’s not a real tiger – just an exaggerated pet cat (which generally dislike water) ;)

  • james madison

    Great work! I love the Calvin and Hobbes imagining.

    I like how the tone was totally different in the beginning of the film and changed once
    the Charlie’S Mom shouted and broke into his imaginary tale.

    Great use of sound and camera to create suspense. Really fun film!

  • Beautiful! The shot at 0:48 is gorgeous. More please!

  • Animz

    Love the visuals, anyone know what software she used for the animation?

  • Erin Siegel

    Oh wow! I gotta show her this. Thanks for featuring her, she totally deserves it!

  • That “making of” film really is a great watch as well! LOVE that concept art.

  • Josef

    The tiger being afraid of water kind of ruined the story for me half way through. I was expecting the kid to jump in the river and ride the current in hopes of escaping. I was disappointed when that didn’t happen and then the tiger didn’t even try to cross the river. Tigers love the water…

    I can still appreciate the animation though. Meg did an excellent job on it. The visuals were amazing!

    • The Gee

      Well…like others wrote above, it seems to be excusable. I think it is. The idea seems to be have been to stretch it out and if the tiger just crossed the water, it would have changed the rest of the story.

      So, as a choice goes, while watching it I thought it was a good one. And, later it still holds up as being good.

      Don’t get me wrong,when I saw the supersoaker I had my doubts that that made sense. Then …all was quickly forgiven. So, I reacted to the supersoaker in the same way that some acted crossing the stream.

      All in all, it is an enjoyable short.

  • Wayne

    I feel as if I’ve just enjoyed something super-delicious! Just beautiful, and the “making of” film was the cherry on top!

  • Tim Hodge

    You did an outstanding job on this! You have a bright future ahead of you.
    Keep up the good work!

  • That is a beautiful piece. The human movements were slightly awkward but certainly doesn’t take away from the absolutely quality here. I loved it, and the twist at the end is very cute.

  • Wonderful piece! Great use of color and pacing to tell the story in the beginning. I loved how appealing the character designs were, especially the tiger. The timing and movement were also well done. I really enjoyed the making of video too, so thanks for including it. Bravo Meg!

  • Caresse

    AWESOME! Very engaging, and I love the music too!

  • Professor Widebottom

    I was also impressed with the “making of” video. I wish the artist had preserved the vitality and broad strokes of the conceptual visuals and translated it into the finished result. This is a very talented individual.