“Keys” by Megan Tupper “Keys” by Megan Tupper

“Keys” by Megan Tupper

I cannot put my finger on why this student film appeals to me – but it does. Megan Tupper made Keys in her final year at the University of Wales, Newport:

  • Jeremy Knight

    I think it’s the music.
    Naah it was good overall, I liked it.

  • Yes. That was nice.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Clever and funny, especially the outcome!

  • Mike Johnson

    It appeals to you for the same *basic* reason it appeals to be, I think…it’s just that darn good. Purr-fect concept, purr-fect length, and purr-fect mew-sic!

  • McDoogle

    Great story, great animation. Some really Laugh-out-loud moments! Really nice little short. I hear she’s looking for work, somebody better snap her up quick! :) Talented girl.

  • Sat

    That’s a great, great ending.

  • kay

    this was very clever, music score was perfectly timed

  • tonma


  • Vik

    That was really cute and well-done! Thanks for posting the link.

  • TsimoneTseTse

    Nice rubber hose/sesame street ’70’s vibe to it

  • Wayne

    Love it! Sure wouldn’t mind watching it a few dozen more times….

  • That was really nice! The Music and the pacing of the story really stood out and made the film really effective. there were some nice things happening with the animation too. Kudos to her!!