“Knighty Night” by Buckle Up “Knighty Night” by Buckle Up

“Knighty Night” by Buckle Up

Buckle Up, a team of 3rd year students led by Abe Taraky, created this charming little film at Sheridan College’s BA Animation program.

  • Fantastic! Sheridan and Gobelins both astound me every year. I posted a video from Gobelins on my blog recently. It’s great to see the fresh crop coming through every year! You just can’t help admire the skill of the students and of course a big tip of the hat to their teachers.

  • Amazing..strange..the short gave me a Chuck Jonesy feel to it probably because of the acting..it feels like one of those random but brilliantly made Looney Tunes shorts without the signature characters..it’s awesome!!! i am very inspired!! thanks jerry and thanks to the BADASS Sheridan 3rd year students!! you rock!

  • Mewzilla

    I really liked the message behind the story :) I wish that this short would be shown to some parents.
    Two friends of mine and coworkers worked in that short. They showed it to us the first day they got in. Im so happy for them, they really made a great job!

  • For some reason the layouts stood out to me the most. xD But in any case this was really great. I loved the credit style haha.

    Keep it up Abe!

  • Agh, I’m sorry I didn’t realize this was a group film. Good job EVERYONE!

  • Iritscen

    Nice work, this is a charming film!

  • Impressive BGs and animation, very good craftsmanship!! the sound and the music however dragged it down for me, it’s way too cheap and unadapted. I’ve been there too, you can’t both spent all your waking hours animating and designing for a film, while you supervice the score and sound effects. But what you guys are trained to do, you do well!

  • Britta

    Awww, that was charming! A lot of fun to watch and a cute message too. I like the looseness of the animation and the designs of the dinosur and dragon were very appealing. excellent work

  • emjaybee

    Liked the little hat-tip/parody of the Tangled tower too. Extremely cute and sweet in a good way.

  • KS

    Extremely Cute Animation, we need more of this facially expressive Non-Anime Hand-Drawn Animated films today.

    I Really Hope they make more animated productions like this, maybe even make a theatrical hand-drawn film if they can.

    I GIVE THIS 10/10