“Le Ballet” by Louis Thomas

Graduation film (done during an exchange between Gobelins and Calarts last semester) by Louis Thomas. Thomas is currently working as a character designer/illustrator for both Pixar and Jib Jab. We featured Thomas’ previous short back in 2010. This one is a tribute to composer/conductor Leonard Bernstein and about 250 other Hollywood movie-star inspirations (all the caricatures are named in the end credits).

  • Tomm



    So in that shot there´s Woody allen, diane keaton, humphrey bogarth ,chaplin…and paul newman?, or is it Brando?

    • http://erikbutter.blogspot.com Erik Butter

      And Orson Welles, marx bros. Laurel and Hardy

  • Fernando

    Wow! Fantastic! A tribute to “cartoon modern” also.

  • http://zeteos.blogspot.com/ mick

    if you liked that maybe you will get a kick out of this


  • http://mattjonezanimation.blogspot.com Matt Jones

    Kubrick is there too!

  • http://dangerusscartoons.blogspot.com DANGERUSS

    That was very entertaining and well made.

    Animation style seemed a little like UPA caricatures, with almost Mike Judge style ‘shakey’ animation. I immediately think of Chuck Jones when a cartoon is placed on a stage with a full symphonic soundtrack.

    I really like it, great building up to the crescendo. I especially got a good laugh from the employee ladies ‘clucking’ away outside. So many references in this cartoon, one has to be sharp to catch em all.

  • Spencer

    That was fabulous.

  • http://drgrobsanimationreview.com/ Gijs Grob

    A beautiful little short, even though I didn’t recognize many celebraties. I love the fifties designs, they remind me of Gerard Hoffnung’s orchestra cartoons.