“Le Ballet” by Louis Thomas “Le Ballet” by Louis Thomas

“Le Ballet” by Louis Thomas

Graduation film (done during an exchange between Gobelins and Calarts last semester) by Louis Thomas. Thomas is currently working as a character designer/illustrator for both Pixar and Jib Jab. We featured Thomas’ previous short back in 2010. This one is a tribute to composer/conductor Leonard Bernstein and about 250 other Hollywood movie-star inspirations (all the caricatures are named in the end credits).

  • Tomm



    So in that shot there´s Woody allen, diane keaton, humphrey bogarth ,chaplin…and paul newman?, or is it Brando?

    • And Orson Welles, marx bros. Laurel and Hardy

  • Fernando

    Wow! Fantastic! A tribute to “cartoon modern” also.

  • if you liked that maybe you will get a kick out of this


  • Kubrick is there too!

  • That was very entertaining and well made.

    Animation style seemed a little like UPA caricatures, with almost Mike Judge style ‘shakey’ animation. I immediately think of Chuck Jones when a cartoon is placed on a stage with a full symphonic soundtrack.

    I really like it, great building up to the crescendo. I especially got a good laugh from the employee ladies ‘clucking’ away outside. So many references in this cartoon, one has to be sharp to catch em all.

  • Spencer

    That was fabulous.

  • A beautiful little short, even though I didn’t recognize many celebraties. I love the fifties designs, they remind me of Gerard Hoffnung’s orchestra cartoons.