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Lessons from Bill Wray and Scott Wills

Bill Wray

There are obvious benefits to attending an animation school, but for those who are unable to do so, the wealth of how-to material about creating animation continues to grow on-line. Some noteworthy examples:

Bill Wray posted a beat board he drew from an episode of The Mighty B! that shows the planning involved in producing a TV cartoon.

And below, a series of instructional videos that Scott Wills created to guide the Korean background painters working on Samurai Jack.

More videos by Scott Wills after the jump.

  • No wonder the show looks so beautiful!

  • Geneva

    Wow… these are wonderful. Inspiring and helpful. What a great post! Thank you so much!!

  • Rooniman

    Two of my favorite painters, OH YEAH!!!

  • jordan reichek

    scott wills and william wray…..animation studs.

  • tonma

    sweeet! This made me miss the smell and the constantly-muticolor-stained figertips from my paint and brush days….

  • Suggestion for right-handed artists… do demonstration videos with the camera on your left.

    Thanks none-the-less for making these available!

  • Tim Douglas

    Great post, inspiring & energizing. More of this pleeeaase!!!

  • Two of the best painters in the business. Awesome!

  • These were great! I love watching great artists do their work.

  • pizzaforeveryone

    yeah inspiration! now i gotta go do some painting.

  • Great stuff!
    I don’t see Scott Wills working from a color guide. Surely he isn’t creating the color palette on the fly —or is he?