“My Mothers Coat” by Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits “My Mothers Coat” by Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits

“My Mothers Coat” by Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits

My Mother’s Coat is a beautiful, sensitive film by Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits, a freelance illustrator and animator based in South London. She completed her MA in Animation at Royal College of Art; this was her 2010 final project. Tsakiri-Scanatovits’ is also part of the artists collective, MOTH, and we’ve featured her in our “Animated Fragments” section before. She describes the film:

“My Mother talks to me about post-dictatorship Athens, her struggle to adapt to the greek mentality, her memories of motherhood, and her longing to go back to her small town in Italy.”

For more information about the filmmaker, follow her blog.

(Thanks, David Prosser)

  • Matt


    A lovely authentic account of her reflecting on those thoughts, feelings, lessons and memories and a beautiful way to share all that.

    Thank you.

  • Rebecca

    This is very beautiful. I love stories that tell stories of the past, stories that have true regrets mixed in with happiness. i love these stories because these are the ones that will never be written but always told. Thank you very much for posting this

  • Tom

    Very touching story. I like the simplicity of the backgrounds and the way movements and characters blend in to each other. Cool way of telling a story!

  • Touching. Such a simple yet powerful story told in such a beautiful manner.

  • Justin

    Almost had me in tears. What a simple yet amazing story. Reminds me of some of my own experiences. Beautiful style and animation as well. Everything I want in a short film

  • Thank you so much Jerry for posting my film on your blog, It is a great honour. Thank you also all so much for your wonderful comments. You are extremely kind and it is importnat to know that it managed to touch you. Thank you again, Margaux.