“No Robots” by YungHan Chang and Kimberly Knoll “No Robots” by YungHan Chang and Kimberly Knoll

“No Robots” by YungHan Chang and Kimberly Knoll

I think I like everything about this little student film directed by Kimberly Knoll and Yunghan Chang, from San Jose State University. The storytelling, the subdued color palette, even the music and sound FX (by Gray Grove). Nice job all around.

  • Cath

    beautiful! the animation style reminds me of “tekkonkinkreet” and “mind game.” good stuff.

  • Awesome job guys :)

  • I haven’t gotten that emotional over a robot since A.I. Nicely done!

  • Brooke Keesling

    Love it. Go, go, San Jose State! And I like the shout out to Mrs. Honey Chai…very sweet, indeed.

  • Brian Kistler

    This is too cool, awesome Job!

  • Amazing work guys! Keep up the great work. And thanks for putting SJSU on the map!

  • Maya A.

    Wow, I actually had tears swelling up in my eyes. Very beautiful and very well done.

  • Ali Serra

    Beautiful. Great job!!!!

  • Love it.

  • Jake D

    Awesome! Robots, cats, and small self-owned delis, what more can you ask for?!

  • MyssHydra

    I really enjoyed this short back when I first watched it at SJSU and I still like it now. Great work all around. Go Shunkenheadman!

  • Rajesh

    Reminds me of Masaaki Yuasa and Taiyo Matsumoto’s stuff. Which is very good stuff to be reminded of.

    Nicely done.

  • Great work guys and gals :) Go SHM!

  • Billy Batz

    Wow what would all these animators shorts look like if Tekkon Kinkreet or Mindgame never came out? That run that this overwheight bald character does in this short is a run displayed by much younger characters in the japanese animations. Just sayin’ for all the animation purists who love to hate on animation from Japan, all the Goeblins stuff and most of these shorts on this site crib heavily from the film making and design and animation from the land of the rising sun. Funny how that works. Check out a tv series called Kemonozume if you want to borrow some more technique for your shorts.

  • Excellent job! Can’t wait to see more!

  • Beautiful. What an awesome way to show the ‘soul’ of the machine.

  • Sami

    Oh man this is pretty darn amazing. So much heart in the storytelling. I nearly cried when the robot was about to get crushed? D:

  • Beautiful work. This is a strong reminder that cartoons aren’t necessarily funny to be considered good. This piece builds a very compelling character (you understand his reason for chasing the robot) and brings him back around — all in the span of about 5 minutes.

    That and it has a strong subtext of the ugliness of bigotry and prejudice.

    Yoinking this one for my blog (with attributes, of course).


  • Awesome job. The video made me emotional and i’m definitely featuring this in the video section of my site. http://roundedoff.com/category/videos/