“Oben” from EMCA “Oben” from EMCA

“Oben” from EMCA

This remarkable graduation film from France’s Ecole des Métiers du Cinéma d’Animation (aka EMCA, the School of Film Animation) has it all: design, color and style to spare. It was created by Thierno Bah, Noé Giuliani, Pierre Ledain and David Martins da Silva. Beautiful job!

  • I loved this!

    Even better, when compared with the recently-posted “Otzi,” its a textbook example of how design and tone can make almost the same premise (man in icy wilderness) radically different.

  • A

    Phenomenal. Just wow. Really inspiring work.

  • Dino

    All right, France– we get it. You’re better at animation than us. Now excuse us while we go poop out Garfield 3.

  • Viva la france. the most stylish always. the character design was my favourite. Bon travail (is that right?)

  • thank you everyone for your comments, we appreciate a lot :)

  • Nicely done. Beautiful style

  • Dabadie

    Chara design is good. Animation is good. Layout is good. Sound design is excellent… Bravo, good stuff, guys !

    (Noé Giuliani… Je connais ce nom… Lisaa ou Prép’Art ??)

    • Hey Seb, thank you for this comment.

      I’m glad you like our film.

      I think you know Noé through Prép’Art, he was in this school before he has came to Angoulême.