“On the Other Side” by Iuri Araújo “On the Other Side” by Iuri Araújo

“On the Other Side” by Iuri Araújo

Iuri Araújo, an illustrator/animator in Brazil, has put his student short on the web and its worth a look. Do Outro Lado (“On The Other Side”) was Araújo’s graduation film from Graphic Design High School in 2009. Here is his production blog for the film.

  • Kyle

    Wonderful. I’m a college student and I wish I could make something that wonderful. He did a great job on this film!

  • Thanks Kyle for the appreciation. You can do it too, it’s just a hard-working and patience.

  • Awesome!


    Hugs Iuri!

  • Awesome!

    Hugs my friend!

  • OW! That’s my bro!
    You really did a great job man!

  • Marcos Nicacio

    Loved it man!
    really great and creative…

    Best wishes

  • Wow man, you did a nice job!
    When I grow up, I wanna be like you. \o/

  • Beautiful work; definitely worth re-watching multiple times.