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“Out of Sight” By Ya-Ting Yu

This cute little student film, a graduation project by Ya-ting Yu with classmates Yeh Ya-hsuan and Chung Ling from the National Taiwan University of Arts, owes a lot to Miyazaki. But they’ve picked up the right ideas from the Master and the finished film, Out Of Sight, is loaded with imagination and heart.

(Thanks, Steve Segal)

  • That was amazing

    • cbat628

      Took the words right out of my mouth :).

  • Now this is what being an animator is all about. Kudos to the animators involved. Hope this inspires others to do similar types of shorts that don’t specifically rely on dialogue. Great job!

  • kotakito

    check out the making of in their site too (in chinese but you can use google translator, nice insight)

  • tonma

    Funny, I saw this one some 3 months ago and I thought it was here in brew.
    All the people talked about it back then agreed it was really touching not in a melodramatic way. She is anything but disabled. I love how they represent the many ways she receives information from the world around her, and how she fills the voids with her sheer imagination.

    Honestly, I think everyone everywhere should be given a chance to watch this film. I wish it could go meme as easily as the latest annoying teen singer in youtube, but heh… that will never happen.

    Anyway, if you like it, please share it, and ask everyone to share as well, lets spread something that is worth it this time :D

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I think someone suggested it in a previous post, on something else. That’s how I saw it too and I’ve felt the same way about it.

      • Santiago

        That was me back when they posted the ““Private Eyes” trailer”.
        I was hoping after my comment they would feature it on here but I guess I should have E-mail CartoonBrew properly. I remember you gave me some examples of older films that dealt with how a blind person might perceive the world.I still have to check them out.
        I’m really glad that they featured in here!

    • I also thought that this short had already been posted here… I saw it some time ago and was really touching. (It was used in a class to talk about masking as well)

      Truly inspiring work!

  • eeteed

    This was made by students?!! I wish great success to all the people who worked on this.

    The miyazaki influence is evident, but what I found interesting were the elements this film shared with famous studio’s “the enchanted square”, a film I’m sure these animators have never seen.

    Incredibly good. I’d love to see animated films move in this direction.

  • Ergo

    That was brilliant. Really beautiful.

  • eeteed

    here’s “the enchanted square” if anybody is interested.


    should have posted this with my comment. sorry.

    • cijfer

      Ha that’s quite horrible:) The fantasy sequence is quite cool though.

      Great example why it is better not to spell everything out. Show in stead of tell!

      The Taiwanese short made so much more of an impact, without resorting to a boring song or other cheap sentimental ways to move us.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Thinking about another film about a blind child, the 1983 Oscar-nominee “Sound of Sunshine – Sound of Rain” came to my mind right now, having finally watched it earlier this month. That film was more a contemplation on race and prejudice than it was a day in the life of a child who tries to figure out the world around him through his other senses. The “Show don’t tell” mentality certainly isn’t in that film, but what the film tries to tell of a different topic altogether makes up for it’s shortcomings I felt.

  • Glowworm

    I found this a few weeks ago. It’s absolutely beautiful. My favorite part is when the ball becomes a kitten.

  • This is so wonderful. I’m always looking for ways to employ the fantastical, in animation, without the work becoming meaningless. This is so successful.

  • Tokyo


  • Damn good dog there.
    Great story. One of my favorite short films of all time. I’m surprised it wasn’t featured on the brew before!

  • Really great, clever, well presented ideas!

  • Clint H

    A very nice short indeed, with visuals appealing to the eye.

  • Alissa

    Absolutely adorable. I loved every second of it!

  • tomm

    very cute

  • hitface

    I’m super happy to see this get such positive comments, i saw it before and fell in love with it! These people are definitely a promising team and I really hope they make another film

  • Ana

    As I have said elsewhere:
    Watching this is like eating fresh strawberries c: !